This Makeup Artist Turned Her Acne Into A Beautiful Constellation Of Stars

There are moments when the Internet and Instagram make you go... "WOW!" This is most definitely and inarguably one of them. Makeup artist Rocio Cervantes turned her acne into a constellation of stars. The way she used makeup artistry was just beautiful. She also used the caption to explain why she crafted this look and it provided major inspo and important support for others who deal with similar skin issues.

At first glance, you might simply be struck by her stunning rainbow eye makeup. That in and of itself is utterly gorgeous — from the richness of the pigments to the way that she seamlessly placed and blended the colors.

But the smattering of stars is so, so pretty. Once you read the caption, absorb what she had to say, and understand how she reclaimed the power from her skin condition through the process of creative makeupping, you will be reaching for a tissue.

Cervantes goes by the @rocioceja_ handle. She posted an honest and open note to her followers, who are well aware of her struggles and frustration with acne since she is vocal about them. She wrote, "I did this right now... it was a concept I had for awhile now... it came out of frustration as you all know (since I speak about it so much lol)."

She furthered, "My acne hinders my ability to do anything" and that "last night I was thinking how it would be if I didn’t have acne...what I would look like and afterwards I was so ashamed of myself for thinking that because I am beautiful... so I hope anyone dealing with anything whether it be acne or not knows that they will get through it I love y'all that's all."

It's really an empowering and inspiring post, in addition to being an artistic look. She is clearly an incredibly talented MUA.

However, the fact that she realized that she is beautiful regardless and encouraged followers and viewers to feel the same way about themselves is the best thing about the post.

Cervantes also tweeted that she was not simply covering her breakouts — rather, she was working with them. Instead of abandoning makeup as she has had to do in the past when in the middle of an acne flare up, she got clever. You cannot argue with the end result.

Another key point is this. If you also deal with acne, discoloration, or other skin problems, you are NOT alone.

Cervantes revealed how she created her constellation. She shared that she placed the star-shaped stickers on her face first, packed on foundation, and then removed the stickers, leaving behind the star prints. She also shared her product listing. She opted for Make Up For Ever's Foundation Stick and set the look with Rimmel London translucent powder. She used Certifeye's Tropical Wonders and The Dynasty Palettes. The stickers that gave her the stars? Those were from Hobby Lobby.

The stars are lovely. But Cervantes is beautiful with or without them. The internet certainly reacted to her starry makeup look. Users posted how they have had similar battles with their skin and that this Insta post made them feel better since it showed them that someone else understood what they are going through.

Fans were feeling this look, rightfully so.

This look and post demonstrate how there is a makeup community wherein people support one another. It also shows how makeup can be transformative in ways other than physical. This post is probably the best thing you will see on the internets today.