You Have To See This Makeup Artist's Jaw-Dropping Transformation Into Emma Watson

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to talented makeup artists, social media is basically a treasure trove. From red carpet glamour to everyday looks, makeup artists are always showcasing their talents online, but is there anything like a good transformation? Makeup artist Paolo Ballestero's Emma Watson transformation is one such example, and his work is fire.

Ballestero's talent, however, has actually been making headlines since 2014. The makeup artist's social media accounts are home to a wide array of celebrity makeup transformations. From Kim Kardashian West to Katy Perry, Ballestero's celebrity transformations prove he certainly knows how to harness the power of makeup. His latest creation is one of his best.

On Sunday, Ballestero took to his Instagram account to reveal his latest celebrity look, and it was non other than Beauty and the Beast and Harry Potter actress Emma Watson. Considering that Watson's looks are commonly pared down, you may be thinking that such a transformation would be near impossible β€” but not for Ballestero.

With hair in what appears to be a french twist and curls dropping down around his face, Ballestero's Emma Watson look is incredible. Not only has he managed to nail her lip shape, but he also has her gorgeous straight brow line and freckles down, too.

Emma Watson isn't the only mind-blowing transformation from Ballestero, though. He's got quite the resume.

Gal Gadot

But like, is this not actually Gal Gadot?

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, is that you?

Mariah Carey

Ballestro is snatching looks left and right.

Kate Middleton

He's got Kate Middleton's signature eyeliner down pat.

Clearly, Ballestero is a talented makeup artist, and these transformations need to keep on coming.