This Makeup Brand Is Inspired By Hip-Hop & New…

by James Hale

Destiny Jones started creating makeup when she was just 10 years old, thanks to a kit her mother bought her. Now the 23-year-old is the CEO of her own company, Lipmatic, where she produces cosmetics inspired by hip-hop culture and New York City.

Jones, who is the daughter of rapper Nas, launched the company in November 2014, with its name paying homage to her dad's first album, "Illmatic." At first, the brand only sold NYC-inspired lip glosses, but in April 2017 it launched a matching line of matte liquid lipsticks — all of which have organic ingredients.

Lip glosses are available in shades with city-loving names like "Coney Island Cake," "Sunrise in Harlem," and "Brooklyn Brownstone," while the new liquid lipsticks come in shades like "Lady Liberty" and "Street Dreams."

Lipmatic products are priced just slightly below similar products, like Kylie Jenner's famed lip glosses, mattes, and kits. A Jenner gloss will cost you $15, while a Lipmatic gloss is $14; a Jenner matte lipstick is $17, and a Lipmatic matte is $16.

While the brand's pricing is competitive, though, Jones isn't competitive on a personal level. She told NBC News "there is no competition," and added, "As women we buy products. I can have the same shade in different companies. We buy it all."

And for Jones, getting women to love her cosmetics is about connecting her product to where she comes from. "I want the brand to reflect more-so the urban community and hip-hop culture that I came from," she said. "For me when I think of New York, I automatically think of strength and survival. New York is that hustle and bustle city. It prepares you for the world.”

"New York In Bloom" Liquid Matte Lipstick 4-Pack, $60,

Jones told NBC that she plans to continue growing the company, and wants to expand into countries like Nigeria, where her family has its roots. “Those areas in the world, makeup brands don't really pay attention to them," she said. "I watch their videos on YouTube and they're really good at makeup but the access isn't easy."

This brand is definitely one to keep an eye on — and Jones is someone to watch, too. She's an aspiring actress, and attended The Art Institute of California at Los Angeles for fashion design, so her skills are many, and Lipmatic fans are sure to be excited for whatever Jones comes up with next.