If You Love Cinnamon Rolls, This Man Will Be Your Hero

by Eliza Castile

Some people become famous for rescuing kittens from a burning building or rock climbing with their cat strapped to their back (conclusion: the internet loves cats). Others, however, follow a more unique path to their fleeting time in the spotlight. Take, for example, the man carrying a giant tub of Cinnabon icing spotted on a bus in Toronto earlier this week. He has yet to be identified, but one thing is clear: Everyone wants to be this guy's new best friend, and not just because he has the hookup on 30 gallons of sweet, sugary goodness.

On Friday, Twitter user @craigcalhoun posted a photo of our venerable hero, writing, "Guy on this bus is packing a 30 gallon drum of Cinnabon frosting." Gray-haired and unsmiling, the man in question is shown sitting on a bus, casually resting his hand on a massive tub of Taco Bell Cinnabon frosting as if that's a totally normal thing to be carting around on public transportation. Who knows? In his world, it might be normal. Perhaps he's the chosen (Cinna)one, destined to deliver vast quantities of icing to the places where it's needed most, or maybe he's a dealer on the up-and-coming pastry black market.

Whatever his reasons for lugging around his sugary burden, the Internet fell in love immediately. Some admired him from afar, while others had many, many questions. (Don't we all?)

A few users took a stab at figuring out the circumstances leading up to the gloriously bizarre moment..

Once it caught wind of the photo, even Cinnabon responded.

Now that the initial tweet has gone viral, some enterprising Canadian may identify the mystery man, and he can explain himself. Where did he come from? Where did he go? Most importantly, where did he get all that frosting? The internet may never know. Maybe it's better that way — I don't know about you, but I certainly don't have the kind of self-control necessary to keep from a lifetime supply of Cinnabon icing all at once.