This Guy's Viral Makeup Splurge Rant Will Be The Realest Thing You Hear All Day — VIDEO

Think about the last time you walked into Sephora. Odds are that your bill was way higher than $50, right? Well, one man feels the pain. As Allure found, comedian Kevin Fredricks' Sephora and MAC rant shuts down the tweet from a man who thinks $50 is a splurge on makeup. It's pretty much the realest thing you'll hear all day. Get ready to feel a whole lot better about your latest makeup splurge, my friend.

There are a few basic things that every makeup lover knows, and the main one is that makeup isn't cheap. It can be, but, in general, it's not. So when Twitter user YourFavoriteZoe tweeted, "Cash app your woman $50. So she can go to MAC or Sephora and splurge," Fredricks came to the rescue of makeup lovers everywhere. The man might be a comedian, but this rant proves that he knows the makeup money struggle all too well.

"Splurge, in the Greek, means 'to spend freely or extravagantly' can't do that with $50," Fredricks says in the Facebook video. "You give your girl $50 to go to MAC and Sephora, y'all gonna end up in an argument because she can't get what she wants."

If the rant in general doesn't prove that Fredricks knows his stuff when it comes to makeup, his product name-dropping skills definitely do. At one point he says, "She for sure can't get two or three things [for $50]. Maybe a lipstick and a BeautyBlender. Maybe!" He also points out how $50 will not buy anyone a Naked Palette, so it's not a splurge, which is obviously true.

Of course, I'm sure @YourFavoriteZoe meant well when he sent the tweet out. He just doesn't relate to the struggle of how expensive makeup actually is. Fredricks isn't the only person that has responded to the tweet, either. Tons of people have responded the same way as Fredricks on Twitter as well.

Fact check: There actually is a $42 hair brush and even a $115 makeup brush on the Sephora website.


The GIF says it all.

Pretty much.

He did mean well, after all.

Probs only one sheet mask, but you get the point.

$50 will only get you to Sephora.

It's cute and all, but maybe spot your favorite Sephora shopper $100 next time. That way she can buy two lipsticks.