This 'Mean Girls' Themed Afternoon Tea Comes Complete With An IRL Burn Book

by Aoife Hanna
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'Mean Girls' / Paramount

Some movies stay with you for a lifetime. Especially when they are ones that are not only funny AF but also contain endless quotable tidbits that leave an indelible mark on your brain. Ones that, TBH, I'm fully going to smash out during this entire article because guys — it's Mean Girls I'm talking about. Yes, there's a unique and fabulous Mean Girls-themed afternoon tea currently happening in London and you absolutely can sit with us for this one.

So the crew behind this cute concept are none other than Duo London. Duo is a two-floor bar and restaurant in one of North London's finest neighbourhoods, Camden. Duo is famed for its food, booze, and super lit themed events. Like this genius Mean Girls meal. IKR? So effing fetch I just can't even.

So the gorgeous day out is available on Sundays and is filled with all sorts of delicious finger sandwiches, cakes, puddings, and, of course, your very own Burn Books. As Duo explain:

"[The tea features] all sorts of fun inspired by everyone’s favourite plastics. Our afternoon tea consists of a birdcage of instagrammable desserts with your favourite Mean Girls quotes and a selection of tasty sandwiches."

How excited am I about this? The limit does not exist.

What's even better is you can hell put all of your gripes into your Burn Book because, guys, life is so tough.

I guess you're wondering what the heck comes with this high tea. I did a little digging and guys, best look away if you're feeling really hungry. Because woah, these guys are serving up several slices of actual heaven.

I contacted Duo for information on the menu and will let you know as soon as I'm up on the specifics. However, the event page is giving me life with all of the available information on the big day out's menu.

The swanky establishment are offering delicious and varied flavours for all sorts of dietary requirements. Fans of meat and fish can get down with offerings like yummy smoked salmon or saucy chicken mayo sandwiches.

Vegetarians, don't worry about a thing, because Duo are totally here for you. With a tangy pesto-creme-fraiche-filled finger sandwich along with a cucumber one. Sounds delish. If you fancy a bit of egg in your life, they also have an egg and sweetcorn sandwich. I'll be doing a Glenn Coco and getting four of those.

And, hey, vegans are not being left out here. The vegan option is aubergine, red peppers, and pesto. Which, whether you're vegan or not, is just about one of the most delicious flavour combos around.

And guys, as if the cakes let you down. Butter definitely isn't a carb but I am pretty sure a tiny donut is. Hell yes to tiny donuts. They also have a pink velvet offering, as well as a cake they call "The Meanest Girl," which is a deliciously moist chocolate cake that has a caramel and strawberry buttercream filling.

All of the above comes with a £40 per head price tag and booking is an absolute must to avoid disappointment.

Get in loser, we're going to Duo.

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