This Tiny 'Westworld' Season 2 Clue Is A-maze-ing

John P. Johnson/HBO

Did you think I was going to let you have a chill Saturday and not tell you about an amazing new Westworld spoiler? Well, guess again, because I'm coming in hot with something very exciting about Westworld that might send you into a reverie. Jonathan Nolan, a Westworld creator, has dropped a Season 2 clue that might give audiences a better idea about what to expect when the show returns in 2018. It involves mazes, the name of the Season 2 premiere episode, and a lot of curiosity.

This all started on Reddit — as is the case with many a good fan theory or show spoiler. Nolan used his verified Reddit account to reply to to one seemingly irked Westworld fan who had a simple request in the form of a question when it came to who posted what on the Westworld subreddit page: "Can we stop with the endless maze image posts?" The user, Brews_Willis, went on to say that the overload of maze imagery was just annoying and that it detracted from real discussions about Westworld.

Nolan apparently saw Brews_Willis' post, because he answered with a simple, "Nope," and hyperlinked his one word answer to the following image:

You may think that Nolan's response is simply a cheeky one with no real meaning behind it, until you take a closer look at the photo. In the snap, it appears Nolan has artfully obscured the name of the Season 2 premiere episode title, which reads "Journey Into N —" before the smiley face maze cuts the word off.

Perhaps the most likely and immediate word you would fill in is the word, "Night," which is actually pretty plausible since "Journey Into Night" is the name of the final narrative created by Ford, one of the creators of the Westworld park. In the Season 1 finale, in the final moments before Dolores shot and killed Ford, he stood on a stage and told the Delos board about the "Journey Into Night" narrative. Detailing how the story begins in a time of war following a murder, it would seem that once again Westworld foreshadowed exactly what would happen in the Season 2 opener.

In the Season 2 premiere is indeed titled "Journey Into Night," then we know that Westworld will begin in a time of war, most likely a reference to the impending war between humans and sentient Westworld robots. We may also expect Ford's near-prophecy about Wyatt's return to come true, as it would be Dolores in Wyatt's role as a villain-type, possibly continuing to fight back against the humans who have sought to oppress her. All of this is to say that the Season 2 premiere will likely be anything but snooze-worthy exposition; there will be action galore for those of us who have patiently waited for the new season to arrive.

See? Westworld spoilers, however big or small they may be, can actually be fun and meaningful.