This Nail Art With Animated, Moving Eyes Is The Creepiest Thing You'll See All Week

Remember the moving eyeballs, which were always framed by the thickest, most lush lashes, on your fave doll while growing up? Well, this nail art has animated, moving eyeballs, complete with a fully executed, rose gold smoky eye makeup, well-groomed brows, and mega eyelashes. It is as creepy as it is cool.

These dagger-length manicure has a basic beige base on which the animated, rolling eyes are built. The mani was created by an artisan at Nail Sunny, which describes itself as the No. 1 nail art chain in Russia.

The eyes were inspired by the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette, so much so that the nail tech used the actual palette to create the surrounding halo of eye makeup. The level of artistry, mad skills, and serious talent that went into creating this awesomely creepy manicure supports Nail Sunny's supreme status.

A lot of effort went into creating this nail art, as the time lapsed Instagram video demonstrates. An eye socket was drilled into the nails, while the eyeball itself was crafted independently and then woven into the hole in the nail with a pin. It is then carefully trimmed with eye makeup, using the Huda Beauty palette as both a guide and as a tool.

This is a global and wonderfully expressive nail art and it has the capacity to give the side eye or the stink eye.

This is not a quick and easy mani at the corner salon. This is craftmanship.

There's the hole in the nail, where the fully functional eyeball is eventually embedded.

With this manicure, you can pretty much rest assured that private eyes, they're watching you, to borrow a phrase from the famous Hall & Oates song.

The nail artist paid close attention to sculpting a full, 'scaped brow.

Primpin' ain't easy. Check out the flick and the lashes. But wait! Things get better.

The artist smokes out those eyes with some sexy scarlet shadow. It's essentially a manicure and an eyeshadow tutorial in one.

Lashes, lashes, lashes everywhere. Don't you wonder what this eye is seeing and thinking?

Nail Sunny Instagram

OMG, right? The end result is utterly fabulous. In this day and age, you can always use an extra set of eyes. If not in the back of your head, how about on your hands?

There's the source of inspo — Huda Beauty and the palette!

You can watch and enjoy the entire process and witness the eyes open, shut, and pivot in the video above, which has already been viewed over 1.2 million times. It takes about 45 seconds to view the clip and you are guaranteed to "ooh" and "aah" over it. It's truly that awesome. You might be inspired to plan a trip to Russia and to book an appointment with Nail Sunny because it appears that there is nothing that the chain can't do when it comes to nail art.

Of course the internet had feelings about these nails and was vocal in sharing its opinion of the moving eye manicure.

This comment sums up all of the feels about this manicure. It is indeed unique, unusual, and unexpected. It's also quite a conversation starter.

Several other people commented on the creepiness and the weirdness. This is also true. Nails with eyeballs in motion are creepy and weird.

Nail art appreciators have been experiencing they gamut of emotions, from wonder to shock to curiosity to "WTF!" Ultimately you cannot deny how creepy cool the moving eye mani is, though.

This doll head construction displays a similar process.

If you are interested, you can learn more about Nail Sunny via the company's official website.