This Neon Lip Art Is '80s Perfection

If you're bored of swiping on a swatch of red lipstick on a Friday night and, the this neon lip art might be just the ticket. About a year ago, Genevieve Jauquet was one of the first Instagram makeup artists to start the trend on the social media platform, and she's rebooted the look this month by posting another neon-lined lip, but this time with a twist: She added black glitter to the bottom lip. The dark sprinkling transformed the mouth into an intergalactic geode, and from there on other MUA — both professional and amateur — started to post their own versions.

All the different takes are enough to get you inspired enough to try it out yourself, and you can go as bold or as subtle as you want with the look, meaning it can fit any kind of aesthetic. It might seem out-there, but it really can work on anyone.

And if you feel like this look is vaguely familiar, your inkling is right: There was also recently a neon-laser eyeliner trend that echoed this same style. "We've already seen (and swooned over) the edgy 3D effects of neon eyeliner, but now the blinding, '80s-esque trend is making its way to our pouts," PopSugar reported.

So how do you DIY the look at home? It depends what style you go with, but it usually always uses white lip or eyeshadow cream. In the example above, the makeup artist opted for a black lip, used a small brush to ring it in hot pink with purple shadowing, and then outlined her outer lip with white for that neon sizzle.

To create a different effect, you can also ring your lips inside the outer edges of your mouth, creating a deeper glow. You can also make an ombre effect on your pout, by starting with a deep purple or black lipstick on the inside of your mouth and fading it into a bright pink.

You can also go even further out of the box and opt for an unexpected color — like bright blue — to make the look feel even more electric.

Which ever way you try it, the end result is going to be fierce. Try it out and see how you sizzle.