This New 'Endgame' Promo Might Tease Captain Marvel Embracing New Binary Powers

In Avengers: Endgame, the superheroes will try to give the people of Earth the avenging they deserve by bringing back all the people wiped out by Thanos in Infinity War. And, to do that, they're going to need help from Captain Marvel. Luckily, a new Endgame promo appears to tease Captain Marvel's Binary powers, as reported by ScreenRant, which means she really could be the key to taking out Thanos once and for all.

In a 15 second TV commercial for Endgame, titled "No Mistakes, Kids," Captain Marvel is seen on a green lawn, looking behind her with a very worried facial expression. It looks like it could be the same scene as was shown in the Super Bowl spot, at around 16 seconds, when the Avengers are looking out to someone, seemingly in the same field in front of the Avengers HQ. But that's not really what's interesting here. No, the focus is Carol Danvers' seemingly new glow, which, according to ScreenRant, could mean her Binary form will be on full display in Endgame.

As seen in Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers can harness immense power thanks to the getting hit with the Tesseract's energy. She has the power to shoot photon blasts from her hands, fly, and has enough sheer strength to stop warheads with her bare hands. That said, scaring off Ronan The Accuser is one thing, but defeating Thanos is a whole other, especially since he still has the Infinity gauntlet and is still using it. In other words, even Captain Marvel might need a little extra power to stand a chance in Endgame.

"Binary" wasn't a term used in Captain Marvel to describe her powers, so it takes a look at the comics in order to really understand what that term means. In one of her many iterations in Marvel Comics, Carol Danvers went from Air Force pilot to being hit with the energy of Psyche-Magnitron, according to MarvelDirectory.com. After having her memories altered (like in the movie), and then losing some powers, she was eventually hit with a ray by the alien Brood that flipped a switch in her already powerful form. It allowed her to tap into a white hole to maximize her power to Class 100 strength. In other words: she gained a lot of power. She was then known as Binary, but after exhausting "her cosmic energies to save the sun," per a Marvel fandom wikia, she was left as a Class 50 strength. As her wikia points out, even at half her Binary strength, she is still insanely strong and was still "able to absorb and manipulate various types of energy," to become more powerful. It would only be temporary, but this means she still has the potential to reach Class 100 level strength again. If MCU's Captain Marvel did tap into this Binary power, it would definitely be extremely helpful in the fight against Thanos.

In addition to her glowing form on the Avengers HQ lawn, Captain Marvel also appears to be flying around in a new suit, one slightly different than the one Monica helped her design in 1995. This new one Captain Marvel suit has a sash that's reminiscent of a couple suits she has in the comics, and could be another clue that her powers are changing, or have already changed.

Now, it's true that the glowing could just be a new manifestation of the powers already seen in Captain Marvel. And, even if she doesn't go full Binary, Captain Marvel is still a major asset to the Avengers. And, besides, there's plenty more time in the MCU for fans to get to experience Binary in all her super powerful glory.