This Lit Lifestyle Mag Will Brighten Your Inbox

For those of us who are consummate readers, we know that literary love is more than a hobby - it's a lifestyle. Perhaps no one understands that better than the creators of Eye Level, a new digital magazine tailor-made for book enthusiasts. Bookworms rejoice - here is a bright spot among the current news cycle.

Launched by Uli Beutter Cohen, creator of Subway Book Review, and Caroline Donofrio, a former editor at Penguin Random House and lifestyle blog A Cup of Jo, Eye Level is "a love letter to all things literary," according to a recent press release. The free, twice-monthly digital magazine will spotlight book reviews of favorite works, hidden gems, and new releases, as well as author interviews, brand profiles, and features on all facets of the book world - "publishing, fashion, design, film, business, food and more." If the product is anything like the aesthetic of its creators, you can be sure to expect some seriously Instagram-worthy moments.

The first issue will be available today, Jan. 26, and will include interviews with author and editor Isaac Fitzgerald of BuzzFeed Books, visual artist Shantell Martin, and writer/artist Elise Peterson, an illustration of Eye Level's commitment to diversity, both in background and perspective. Now more than ever, literary culture has evolved to more than simply book reviews - and Eye Level proves it.

Yeah, we're pretty excited, too.

To access Eye Level, sign up with your email address here. Eye Level is also distributed as an email newsletter, and will be publishing content across social platforms.