Samuel L. Jackson Called Out A Nick Fury Poster Mix-Up In The Most On-Brand Way

With all the CGI that goes on in Marvel movies, there are bound to be at least a couple human mistakes that peak their way through every now and again. One such mistake — which isn't even really a CGI one but more so a photoshop mishap — was caught by none other than Samuel L. Jackson himself. This Nick Fury Spider-Man poster switched his eye patch, and the actor was not having it. The eye patch is such a crucial part of his look and story that you have to get it right. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a mixup, but the resulting Instagram caption is worth it.

On June 23, a little over a week before the newest Spider-Man movie hits theaters, Jackson posted a quick post to Instagram of two side-by-side Spider-Man: Far From Home posters. One poster looks normal, Fury is sporting his signature scowl, an eyepatch on his left eye. In the other, however, the eyepatch is on the right eye, and that didn't sit right with Jackson. "Uhhhhhhh, What In The Actual F*CK IS GOING ON HERE???!!! #headsgonroll #lefteyemuthafukkah," Jackson captioned the post, which appears to be a screenshot of a Reddit The caption on the original shot appears to say in part "eye did he injure?" Probably meaning which eye, since they're both injured in these two images.

It's unclear whether or not this is a clever fan edit, which manipulated a photo using the mirror effect, or if this really was some kind of printing error. That said, it's safe to say that Fury's eyepatch won't be jumping from side to side during Far From Home.

Still, Jackson clearly wanted to set the record straight, and confirmed that it's his left eye that's no longer in its socket. And he should know. After all, the origin of Fury's mysterious eyepatch was only recently revealed in Captain Marvel. In the film, Fury's 1995 self gets a little too friendly with Goose the Flerken/Cat, and she scratches his left eye. By the end of the film, Fury's left eye was gone and he was picking out a glass eye — an option he clearly vetoed in favor of his now signature eyepatch. Clearly, it's a major part of his character.

For many movies, Fury's eyepatch was really the only thing fans knew about him. But all that is changing, first with his bigger supporting role in Captain Marvel, and now with his presence in Far From Home. Based on the trailers, it looks like Fury is taking over the mentorship of Peter Parker from Tony Stark. That said, that doesn't mean they're fully on each other's good sides. "Really, you think I like him [Spider-Man]?" Jackson recently said during an interview with ComicBook.com. "We're getting there. He's a little frustrating for me right now. I want him to grow up quicker than he's willing to grow up. And I'm doing that parental pressure thing. Like, 'Come on! Either get a job or get out of the house!'"

That's pretty tough. But what do you expect from a man who'd have his own kids call him "Fury," and not dad?