NYX Cosmetics & Farsali Teased The Ultimate Unicorn Beauty Set

by Augusta Statz

Unicorn beauty is all the rage right now because there’s nothing quite like pastel colors and bold makeup in the springtime. And if you’re looking to live out your full potential as a unique beauty goddess —you’ll need a set like this in your life. The NYX Cosmetics & Farsáli Set that was teased on Instgram is all sorts of rainbow makeup goals.

If you’re not familiar with the Instagram famous Farsáli Skin Care label, let me fill you in on their shimmering Unicorn Essence product. This is a serum that can be used as a primer to give you a super luminous finish. YouTuber Nicol Concilio is just one beauty guru to point out that you can easily combine the rose gold elixir with your foundation to create the ultimate radiant glow. Recently, the Farsáli brand took to their Instagram Stories to tease a set that contains Unicorn Essence along with Total Control Drop Foundation shades and a brush included, all in one package.

Farsáli Unicorn Essence, $54, Sephora; NYX Total Control Drop Foundation, $14, Ulta

The Total Control Drop Foundation is the perfect item to mix with given that it's also applied using a dropper and very easy to control. If you want less coverage and more sparkle, Total Control Drop makes it easy for you to customize a lightweight foundation look. There’s no word on whether an official collaboration is in the works, but Bustle has reached out to the brand for more information.

This teaser post was more than enough to get the beauty community hyped for a collaboration, so here’s to hoping these two brands can make all of your dreams come true!

This really would be the perfect combo.

This shimmering product is pure glory in a bottle.

Mix that with this foundation, and you're in for makeup magic.

Here's an example of how well foundation and Unicorn Essence mix.

Feeling like you need to give the NYX & Farsáli combo a go? You're certainly not alone.

If this really were to happen, people would be totally here for it!

Courtesy Farsali

Farsáli Unicorn Essence, $54, Sephora

Even if you can't purchase these items together in one set, you can still add them to your cart one-by-one to build the ultimate beauty look. Start by shopping this sparkly pink product.

Courtesy NYX Cosmetics

Total Control Drop Foundation, $14, Ulta

Shop this foundation for just $14 to complete the makeup moment.

And if you do get the chance to shop these items together in a set, I'd recommend you take it. You owe it to your beauty routine!