This Couple Did An 'Office'-Themed Pregnancy Announcement & It Gets Funnier With Every Pic

Sarah Elaine Photography; NBC

Now that my friends are starting to have babies (OH GOD I AM OLD), some very cute pregnancy announcements have been winding their way through my social media feed. But none of the bun-in-the-oven takes have quite outmatched one Charleston, South Carolina family's announcement: they staged an entire The Office-themed photo shoot to announce the birth of their new daughter. When the baby pops out, her first sentence better be, "I am Beyoncé, always."

Indeed, as BuzzFeed reports, the photo shoot comes courtesy of one Sarah Elaine Gasperik, 29, and her husband Chris, 31. The duo are big fans of the famed Steve Carrell vehicle, and when it came time to announce that Sarah was pregnant with the couple's third child, they went all in on an Office theme. For starters, remember in season four, when Jan moves in with Michael, and spends so much money Creed advises him to declare bankruptcy? And Michael thought the way to do that was to shout, "I declare bankruptcy!" (The real financial solution, per Oscar, was that Michael needed to spend less money on magic kits and bass fishing equipment, as do we all).

Well, Sarah and Chris decided to DECLARE PREGNANCY:

Sarah and Chris's two sons, Lucas, 3, and Kai, 17 months, also got to play roles in The Office reboot. Lucas got a little t-shirt proclaiming him the Regional Manager (Michael Scott was the Regional Manager of Dunder-Mifflin's Scranton branch, though Dwight later took over for him), and Kai got a shirt labeling him as the "Assistant to the Regional Manager," (i.e., Dwight's role). Sarah also made the incoming Dunder Mifflin employee a little onesie proclaiming her the "Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager":

And proud papa Chris got his own swag: a t-shirt reading, "World's Best Dad," as an ode to Michael's "World's Best Boss" mug:

And here's the whole gang together:

Sarah, a professional photographer, tells Bustle that while she took inspiration from Pinterest for her last two pregnancy announcements, this time she came up with the idea on her own. "This is our third, and we just found out it was a girl, so I was especially excited to announce it in a really fun way," she says. "[But] I went on Pinterest and didn't see anything I liked."

Thankfully, Sarah and Chris managed to come up with a clever theme on their own. "With the others, we had really fun announcements but nothing crazy like this. But I had this idea because we love The Office. We watch it all the time." Initially, Sarah just wanted to do the boys' t-shirts with the onesies, but then a full plan came together. "Then I came up with my husband's shirt. I almost didn't do the 'I declare pregnancy' shirt, but my friend loved it," says Sarah to Bustle.

Sarah tells Bustle the shoot went smoothly, though her sons did squirm a little during the big group outdoor shot. "The one photo we got of the four of us and my pregnant body, that was literally the only one I got to take before my three-year-old started crying because there were bugs," she says. She also had to give them a little incentive for the rest of the shoot: "I did bribe them with jelly beans, so that worked out."

Sarah says that while she's partial to Jim and Pam (aren't we all?), she thinks Michael's secretly the show's best character. "Obviously I love Jim and Pam, but with Michael, there are so many things that make you cringe, so many inappropriate things he says and does," she tells Bustle.

As for the new baby, she'll be arriving in September, whereupon I can only assume Sarah and Chris will quickly introduce her to the goings on of the Scranton Dunder-Mifflin branch.