A Woman Was Slut Shamed For Her Paris Hilton Costume & The Heiress Defended Her In The Best Way

Ryan Pierse/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Courtesy of ItsIndySev

When Paris Hilton has your back, the rest of the world can go kick rocks. As discovered by Buzzfeed, a woman who goes by the Twitter handle @ItsIndySev posted that she was slut shamed for wearing a Paris Hilton Halloween costume. The costume in question was comprised of a sparkly and sexy silver slip dress with a slit. The getup was incredibly reminiscent of a daring ensemble the hotel heiress infamously wore.

In a tweet, ItsIndySev revealed that Hilton responded to her Instagram post of the costume after noticing the fan was slut shamed for her costume. Not only that, but Hilton responded with her most iconic phrase. The heiress replied with, "That's hot," in the comments of the picture, and even slid into ItsIndySev's DMs to offer some encouragement.

ItsIndySev certainly channeled P. Hilt's signature and confident hand-on-the-hip pose and mermaid-like blonde locks with her ensemble. But having Hilton herself notice and approve of her costume may take the sting out of any obnoxious and unnecessary criticisms of her homage-paying look may garner.

"I come from a really conservative town in Utah where everyone knows everyone," ItsIndySev tells Bustle. "As soon as I posted a picture of my costume, my inbox was flooded with messages like, 'You're a slut,' 'Why don’t you respect yourself?,' 'Why are you showing off your body like that?'"

Courtesy of ItsIndySev

She responded by posting this Insta story. But the rude messages didn’t stop, ItsIndySev says. In fact, they got worse. She received comments like, "You deserve to be slut shamed for dressing that way." That's when Hilton came to the rescue.

"Seriously, with one comment, she shut it down," ItsIndySev says. "I have no idea how she saw the post. I never intended on the picture going viral, but with her voice, she walked in without knowing and made waves. It was so awesome."

ItsIndySev, whose Insta handle is @IndyBlue_, served up a costume that slayed from top to bottom. And her celeb source of inspo was here for it.

But that actually isn't the end of the story, as the caption on ItsIndySev's tweet states. ItsIndySev then received a DM from the heiress, further giving her approval.

"Do you want to let Paris Hilton message you?" Well, of course!

The heiress shared four private hearts to her fan, offering further encouragement to help curb the unnecessary hate.

The Twitterverse also backed ItsIndySev, calling the outfit and the heiress' response all-around iconic.

Paris Hilton was at the peak of her fame back in the '00s, but is no longer as prominently in the spotlight as she once was. Even so, she is still revered by fans, as this Instagram exchanged proves.

Women supporting women, especially when they are being slut shamed, will never get old. And Paris' move is badass as all hell.

Hilton wasn't the only one who had Indy's back. This comment summed up her incredible Halloween look.

This! This tweet is everything.

It's heartwarming and awesome to see that Indy was undeterred by the comments of others about her Halloween ensemble. Sure, she had the support of Hilton and a Twitter army. But this user made a hugely important point. It's always best to "do you," and to be happy and comfortable in your own skin and your outfit choices.

If trolls aren't feeling your Halloween costume or your OOTD, who cares? The opinions of others shouldn't shape your style.

It's official. All Hallows' Eve has been won by ItsIndySev.

This tweet functions as a period to the end of this social media sentence. Tune out the haters, all the while turning into Paris Hilton.

Indy says she walked away from this slut shaming episode with a new online BFF and a message for other women.

"I've always been a confident person," she says. "If anything, I just want girls to feel confident in their bodies no matter what. It's 2017! We have to do better."

Now one more time with feeling: That's hot.