This Peel-Off Primer Might Be Exactly What Your Foundation Has Been Missing

No matter how much you love makeup and putting on a full face, you have to admit that washing off the whole thing can become a nuisance from time to time — that is, until peel-off toner came into our lives. From clogged pores to the intense cleansing routine that gets all of your foundation, contouring, strobing, and concealing off, the whole process can be daunting. But with the help of not4u Real Skin Patch, you can just peel the whole thing away. That's right, peel.

The Skin Patch is a makeup primer that you put on before your foundation, and it acts like a barrier that is meant to protect your pores and keep you from breaking out. You can layer all of your favorite products on top, and then at the end of the day peel it off like a sticker. The product came onto beauty lovers' radars when one beauty vlogger tried it out on her channel. Raye Boyce, whose YouTube channel is ItsMyRayeRaye, tried out the primer on camera, giving people a front row seat to how the product works. While it's satisfying to peel off, it does take some practice to put on correctly.

"The first time, she put it on too thick — she used so much that it felt like a peel-off mask. The second time, it flaked off when she applied makeup, so she tried again. The third time, she tried with a beauty blender instead of a brush and soldiered on even when peeling still occurred," Allure reported. It doesn't seem to be an intuitive product for first-time users, and Allure pointed out that it might not be intended for every day use. "It's supposed to be used as a barrier to prevent acne, so maybe it's best used only for days when you wear super heavy foundation and you want to protect your skin underneath," Allure explained. If you're prone to breakouts and don't like the idea of clogging your pores with heavy cosmetics, then this could be worth a try. And who knows — maybe over the upcoming months, more brands will perfect the formula so it only peels off when the user is ready.

NOT4U Real Skin Patch, $20, Amazon

In the meantime, there are other products you can use that will protect your skin from heavy product use. "When I heard 'peel off primer' I immediately thought of NYX First Base Primer Spray," Andrea Whittle, a makeup artist at Chicago's KARMA Salon with 20 years experience, shares with Bustle. "It's a knock-off of a high end primer mist. It goes on wet, feels a bit tacky as it dries down, and claims to make your makeup cling to your face. It makes your foundation last longer and creates that barrier for your face."

NYX First Base Primer Spray, $8, Ulta

Whether you want to peel off your foundation or protect it with a drugstore winner is up to you — the main point is you have options!