You Can Get A Pillow With Your Dog's Face All Over It


When you think about curling up in bed with the one you love, you might mean your life-partner, soulmate, the one who is clearly meant-to-be — but you might mean something a little furrier. Well, there's a way to share a bed with your favorite furry friend without them kicking you in the face all night. You can get your pet's face on a pillowcase, thanks to the Pet Sleepy Head pillowcase from Firebox. Firebox is home to some super weird, wonderful, and just plain strange gifts — but this one definitely has the cute factor. All you have to do is send a high-quality photo of your pet and they'll create a personalized case with your pet's face all over it — over and over again.

"Fall asleep with your precious pooch without ending up covered in fur, or cozy up to your cat without waking up to a face full of butthole," the description explains. "Got a fan of your pet who lives far away? Send them one of these for some cute comfort even when they can’t be close." I'm going to be honest, I didn't expect them to jump straight in with the butthole play, but that's where we're at today. So if you're looking for a butthole-free morning, then this pillowcase is targeted at you — very specifically.

The pillow cover is machine-washable and tumble dryer safe and fits all standard size pillows, so you can just get to snuggling with your pet's image and not worry about the details. For all of those people who complain about how much they miss their cat or dog who still lives with their parent's, this is for you. I mean, I'm not going to buy them for you, but I assume you will like them. And at $26.99, it's a bargain to share a bed with the love of your life every single night.

Firebox is no stranger to the personalization game. If you like the idea of a familiar face all over EVERYTHING, they seriously have a lot of options. You can get a personalized air freshener with your best friend's face (or your own) on it, like a creepy ornament watching you every time you drive. They also have face-shaped pillows, personalized luggage, and way more — and yes, it's all kind of as creepy as you think it is. Of course, they don't have the monopoly on the personalized and face-covered market — you can also find personalized face temporary tattoos on Etsy. Hell, you can even get personalized presents at the Disney Store, if that's what floats your boat. Basically, there's no reason everything in your life can't be covered in the face and/or name of someone you care about. It's a whole new world. A terrifying one, but a new one.

Personalization definitely adds a sense of flair to your wardrobe and home design — and, as Firebox says, you can avoid a face full of butthole in the morning. Isn't that the dream? If you feel like you just can't get close enough to your best friend, then embrace the pet pillowcase. It's here to make you feel warm, cozy, and totally butthole-free.