This "Pickle Of The Month" Club Will Ship Unusual Pickled Things Straight To Your Door

by Isami McCowan

Pickled-veggie lovers, your dream service has become a reality. Olympia Provisions, an American meat and restaurant company based out of Portland that specializes in artisan charcuterie, is behind a gourmet-quality Pickle of the Month Club. A year full of pickles could be in your future — and it sounds like a worthy investment if you find yourself craving the savory snack more often than not. "Just as with their charcuterie, these pickles are handcrafted in small batches with the finest whole ingredients, sourced from local farms in the Pacific Northwest," Food52 explains. Each month, you'll receive 9-ounce jar of the delicious vegetables, and the variety is certainly something to get excited about.

The locally grown Northwestern produce is pickled with "fresh herbs, whole spices, aromatics, and vinegar." What will each new month bring you? I'm glad you asked. You can expect a year full of enjoying beets, curried cauliflower, celery, fennel asparagus, carrots, sweet relish, green beans, peppers, zucchini, giardiniera, and cocktail onions — all pickled to perfection. Not to mention, the jars are completely adorable (it might even be enough to start a pickled-veggie themed blog). It's safe to say that this subscription would keep you or a lucky pickle-loving friend or family member happy 365 days out of the year.

Olympia Provisions' Pickle of the Month Club one-year subscription goes for $195, and shipping is included in the price. Once you make your purchase, the first jar of pickles you receive will include both a new welcome letter and a description of what you'll receive with all of the glorious details.

It seems like subscribers are loving the items that show up on their doorstep each month: "Everything I have tried from Olympia Provisions has been excellent. This was a birthday gift for my wife who likes all things pickled. It was a big hit and it has been fun to get a new item every month, making the gift last all year long," one reviewer said on the company's website. If my future husband got me a Pickle of the Month Club subscription, I would know in my heart that I'd met my soulmate.

If pickles don't exactly tickle your fancy, Olympia Provisions still has three other "of the month" clubs that just might sweep you off your feet. There's the Pâté of the Month Club, through which you'll receive one of the brand's five pâtés every month for five months, as well as detailed tasting notes and optimal serving suggestions. With this one, you can look forward to Pork Pistachio Pâté, Green Peppercorn Pâté, Pork & Hazelnut Pâté, Pork Liver Mousse, and Pork Rillettes, all custom made and arrive at your door ready to be sliced. The Sausage of the Month Club lasts for seven months, and will serve you up some of Olympia Provision's delicious, wood-smoked pork sausage packs, including a Smoked Kielbasa and flavorful bratwurst. Lastly, there's the ever-popular Salami of the Month Club subscription, because 12 months of salami is enough to make anyone's year.

If you're looking to spice up your culinary palette this year, Olympia Provisions' Pickle of the Month Club (as well as the three mouthwatering other options) might just be a recipe for success.