You Can Get A Giant Pickle Pool Float On Amazon For Less Than $5


If any food has found unlikely notoriety in recent history it is the humble pickle. If you told someone a decade ago that pickles would be a style icon in 2019, it would sound pretty fake. In any case, pickles are in and now they're gonna be in the water because there's a pickle pool float available for a mere handful of dollars. Your summer is looking a lot saltier.

Per its Amazon listing, the pickle pool float has been released by the company Rhode Island Novelty, and is available both on the company's website and on Amazon. The float is "36 inches long and comes complete with a smiley face that would not be out of place on 'VeggieTales'," the website says.

You might be asking yourself, "Why would I or anyone ever need a giant inflatable pickle?" But perhaps you should be approaching this question from a different perspective. At publishing (an important detail because this can vary), the Rhode Island Novelty Giant Inflatable Pickle retails for less than five dollars. How much do you spend on fancy coffee drinks? Probably somewhere around that. The fact is you can spend five bucks on an array of things you will no longer have in a few minutes, or you can spend it on something like a giant inflatable pickle that will bring you hours of joy.

On the topic of unconventional pool floats, there are more to choose from than you would ever realize. Moreover, many take inspiration from things you'd find on your plate. Take Target's Waffle Pool Float, for example. The inflatable, five-foot Waffle Pool Float is an ideal example of unexpected inspiration for a pool float. Waffles and water don't generally mix. In fact, there is a shortcut for remembering the order of north, south, east, and west that states "Never Eat Soggy Waffles." But you don't have to worry about a soggy waffles when you're floating on one for two reasons. One, obviously, is that you're not going to be eating this waffle. Secondly is that this is a pool float, not a breakfast dish. It's meant to be submerged in a pool and not get waterlogged.

  • The pickle is far from the only snack-inspired inflatable on from Rhode Island novelty available. For twenty cents less you can get your hands on an utterly ap-peel-ing (sorry) banana float that measures a whopping four feet long. For context, this banana is tall enough to ride most major rollercoasters. And it might just be in the mood for that, considering the side of the fruit is embellished with a little monkey design that reads "Go Bananas!"

Summer is fast approaching. Many pools open for the season over Memorial Day weekend, which will take place a little over a month from now, on May 27. If you're looking to get a head start on all things sun and swim and salt, you can snag a single giant pickle float on Amazon for $4.74. Packs of three and packs of six are also available for $10.34 and $16.95, respectively. Go live your watery pickled dreams.