Why This Picture Of A Bride Crying Is Going Viral

Picture what the typical wedding photo looks like. Maybe it's two newlyweds sharing their first kiss or dance, feeding each other wedding cake or staring into each other's eyes. As you might have noticed from your own wedding pins or favorite photos of friends tying the knot, most wedding photos are predictably posed. And thanks to social media, coming up with a social savvy hashtag and getting in all of the predictable, but sweet photo ops is the norm. But Sydney-based wedding photographer James Day took a different approach, which cause his picture of a new bride crying to go viral for the sweetest reason.

James struck gold when he decided to ask newlyweds Adrian and Roslyn to stop posing, and "just enjoy your first sunset together as husband and wife," as he wrote on an Instagram post of the photo. Day is no stranger to capturing emotion with a camera and with his tagline "Illuminating couple chemistry," so Adrian and Roslyn picked the right man for the job — because Day also followed up with question for the pair to set the mood. He shared on Instagram that he asked the groom Adrian to share why, "Out of the billions of people on the planet, you've chosen to spend the rest of your life with Roslyn." That's when Roslyn, the bride pictured, began tearing up along with Day, which led to the raw beauty of the moment captured.

Feel yourself getting teary-eyed yet ? Don't worry, the rest of the internet is too.

The photo has continued to knock the wind out of social media users, who can't stop gushing about it on Twitter and Instagram. With over 11,000 comments on Instagram and a sprawling Twitter thread, the consensus is that love always wins.

When asked about how he captured that emotional moment, James told BuzzFeed News, "It just felt right to get right in there and help amp up the moment." And if that doesn't make you a blubbering mess, he credits his wife for inspiration. "I actually had my wife's voice in my head as I was taking those photos," he said. Ugh! James, you make this too easy.

James also didn't leave the moment without following up with the couple afterward. Much to Roslyn and Adrian's excitement about their wedding photos, James conveniently caught another moment of the couple in Iceland viewing their viral moment together.

While the rest of the Adrian and Roslyn's wedding photos are just precious, Instagram knows all too well the power of a good candid. Congrats, Roslyn and Adrian! May there be many more tear-worthy sunsets to come.