This 'Pizza Cutter' Eyeliner Is A Rad Beauty Tool

If you've always struggled to make your cat eye pristine, this pizza cutter eyeliner might be your new saving grace. It's sometimes difficult to get razor sharp lines with liquid eyeliners, since they come with such a large variety of wand options — get one too thick, and you get blobby results. Get a wand that has too wispy bristles, and you get a messy, feathery line. This eyeliner jumps over those problems by getting rid of the tip altogether.

According to PopSugar, makeup artist Michael Paterson, who is working with MAC Cosmetics for New York Fashion Week, debuted the liquid eyeliner on his Instagram. In a series of three photos, he showed close ups of the colors, the wand, and how it applies. Calling it a sneak peek since MAC hasn't officially announced the product yet, he took a piece of paper and showed his followers how the eyeliner works in action.

"New eye liner alert! #AW17 #NYFW @MACCosmetics sneak peek! A roller liquid liner for razor sharp definition," he announced in one of the captions. "Pizza cutter sharpness." Seeing how it was such an apt description, fans nicknamed the new tool the "pizza cutter eyeliner."

And it makes sense — if you look at the eyeliner wand, you'll notice that it doesn't have a felt point or bristles, but rather a small, spinning wheel.

It works just like a regular wand — where you dip it into the pot of liquid to soak the tip — but then you use the spinning wheel to draw a razor-sharp line across your eyelid. This will give you controlled precision because the pressure or angle of the application won't matter. It'll always come on the same, whereas if you press too hard with a brush eyeliner you can get a thicker line.

It looks like there will be three colors to choose from, presumably once the tool hits shelves in MAC stores and/or online. "Patterson also divulged that the formula comes in three shades: patent black (which has a glossy finish), matte black, and matte brown," PopSugar reported.

As of right now, you'll be able to get your cat eye fix in traditional colors. But who knows — MAC is known for its experimental shades so there could be room for expansion in the future.

While no date release has been announced yet, this looks like it could be a total game changer.

Images: @makeupbymichael/Instagram (3)