This Plant-Based Chef's Approach To Healthy Eating Might Change Your Mind About Kale

Popular phrases like “sad salad” and “rabbit food” tend to demonize leafy greens and other nutritious, plant-based meals. Yet when it comes to fried or more traditionally indulgent options, people tend to use more friendly catchphrases (think: “Fries before guys”).

While we won’t deny that fries are delicious (because, yum), there is a problem with the idea that healthy food isn't. In reality, eating nutritious food doesn’t have to suck — at least not according to Talia Pollock. The professional plant-based chef and certified health coach is on a mission to change the collective mindset about healthy eating. To do that, she launched Party in My Plants, a colossal collection of “non-sucky, totally do-able, non-socially-isolating life improvements.”

After facing her own dietary struggles (undiagnosable digestive stress, food addictions, and chronic lack of energy, among others), Pollock adopted a plant-based diet that reversed her health problems drastically. The downside? Her new lifestyle involved a lot of staying home and drinking kombucha, which had the unintended side effect of leaving her feeling isolated from her more omnivorous friends. To learn more about how to create a more balanced lifestyle, Pollock studied to become a plant-based chef and a certified health coach — and she also found a way to weave in her interest in comedy! By combining these interests, she was able to boost her health without compromising her happiness. We partnered with Pronamel® Strong & Bright to learn more about what it’s like to leverage your inner strength to live your brightest and most genuine life. Watch Pollock's story, below.

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