Test Your Reese Witherspoon Movie Knowledge With This Absolutely Perfect 'Jeopardy' Category

John Phillips/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If a millennial doesn't know who Elle Woods is, are they really even a millennial? On Monday night, an episode of Jeopardy introduced the category Reese Witherspoon Movies, and it proved to be one that millennials would totally score at. In fact, a contestant named Emily passed all of the category questions with flying colors, holding it down for the rest of the generation and proving millennials don't mess around when it comes to knowledge about the accomplished actor.

In the game, host Alex Trebek described various characters Witherspoon has played in the past for contestants to guess which movie they were from. Emily smoked her competition to a point that was almost comical, finishing the entire category in less than a minute. In an excellent depiction of the millennial generation, she definitely knew her stuff. Do you?

The first piece of trivia was "Singer June Carter" for Walk the Line (2005), followed by "Harvard Law Student Elle Woods" for Legally Blonde (2001), and "Tracy Flick, Who's Running For Student Body President" for Election (1999). Any Witherspoon or pop-culture lover would guess the final two (and presumably the most challenging) in their sleep. For 800 points was "Cheryl Strayed, Based On Her Memoir" for Wild (2014) and lastly, for 1,000 points, was, "New York Fashion Designer Melanie Smooter, Actually a Southern Girl" for Sweet Home Alabama (2002). Are these supposed to be hard or something?

The non-millennial contestants didn't even see it coming. Beyond the films referenced in the game, the actor has been a part of so many classic movies, including Cruel Intentions (1999), Fear (1996), and Pleasantville (1998). According to IMDb, Witherspoon has appeared in about 40 movies since her debut in 1991 (with some others currently in works as well). And this doesn't even cover her latest work both behind and in front of the camera in the award-winning HBO series Big Little Lies. Guess there's only so much time in a round of Jeopardy to cover all the bases.

Coincidentally, the morning that the Jeopardy episode aired, Witherspoon posted a Legally Blonde meme on Twitter with the hashtag #ElleWoodsIsMySpiritAnimal. The actor is pretty hilarious when it comes to acknowledging her own legacy in entertainment. In February, she posted a video to her Instagram that showed her happily cleaning off her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. While promoting A Wrinkle in Time alongside Oprah and Mindy Kaling in March, she modestly took compliments from fans (like Olympian Adam Rippon) in Bustle's game "Who Me?" (shown in the video below).

Sure, Witherspoon has been a staple of countless iconic movies from the '80s and '90s that millennials grew up with and still cherish. But she's also a fantastic actor, which is why she has so many fans who love and admire her. In 2006, Witherspoon won the Oscar for her role in Walk the Line and she's scored a Golden Globe and an Emmy award in addition to receiving about 100 nominations across the board, according to IMDb. She's also currently working on a secret TV project with Jennifer Aniston that will likely be epic.

Witherspoon has yet to publicly comment on her Jeopardy category, but millennials can still go out there and continue to make her proud. If millennial fans want to challenge themselves to a little more Witherspoon trivia, there's this game with her characters and various taglines and this online challenge with more Witherspoon movies. And of course, the actor will certainly appreciate it if more of her character memes continue to roll on in so she can proudly repost them and show her gratitude.