A Brand Is Selling A Dress That Looks EXACTLY Like The Red 'Pretty Woman' Dress

Reformation/ Touchstone Pictures

Even though it hit theater screens 28 years ago, Pretty Woman is still iconic and a constant point of reference during today's times. From memes cropping up of Vivian saying, "Big mistake. Big. Huge." when someone gets crossed, to her memorable fashion popping up in store windows and still being copied, the movie still lives on. That fact is especially evident when you look at Reformation's Pretty Woman inspired dress, which channels the character's evening at the opera with its off-the-shoulder, red column number.

This, of course, isn't the first Vivian-inspired frock to hit the market. Probably the most recognized style is the blue and white mini dress that Roberts wore during the beginning of the movie, where it features side cut-outs and is held together with a metal ring in the middle. The British brand Hunza G originally designed it — which is known for its signature crinkle-stretch fabric — and turned the provocative piece into a '90s staple. Thirty years later the label collaborated with ASOS in 2017 to bring the look back into Millennial's closets. At $215 a pop, it wasn't exactly cheap, but it was a fun way to relive one of the '90s best romcoms.

Vivian's polo match look also cropped up a year later, where chocolate brown and polka dot looks are becoming the look du jour this summer, making fashion lovers want to pair their outfits with white hand gloves and sling back kitten heels just like Roberts. From jumpsuits made by Mango to maxi dresses by Reformation, the copycat look is everywhere.

Since the movie was made during the beginning of the '90s, a lot of the styles in the flick were still reminiscent of the '80s, which happen to be coming back into vogue again today. For example, statement button dresses are cropping up again — the same kind that Vivian wore while shopping in her white dress — where everyone from Zara to Mia Jewel is copying the puffy-sleeve-and-big-button combo.

From polo match frocks to risque minis, Pretty Woman seems to be everywhere in the retail world. But if you're looking for a more occasion-ready option, then one would need to reference Vivian's fancier dates for inspiration. The night that Edward took her to the opera — and gifted us the improvised scene where he snapped the necklace box over Vivian's hand and made her laugh — Vivian was dressed in a beautiful red column dress that has become as synonymous with the movie as the mini.

Dipping low into a sweetheart neckline and drooping over her shoulders, the gown was accented with white silk opera gloves and a diamond necklace. Reformation has given us a very similar dress, 30 years later.

Touchstone Pictures

Part of the Summer Wedding Collection, this particular gown is called the Bali Dress and can be yours for a whopping $388. It comes in three different colors so you can pick the one that best suits your event, letting you choose between champagne, black, or red. But the red one looks so much like Vivian's that you'll be half-tempted to tease your bangs and slip on gloves yourself while wearing it

Reformation is a brand that values eco-friendliness, where their pieces are made from sustainable materials, rescued deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage clothing, making this a feel-good purchase. This particular dress is made from 57 percent lenzing viscose, which is almost identical to cotton with its properties, and 43 percent rayon, which is made from renewable plant materials.

The brand gets their viscose fiber from two manufacturers that have the highest score in a Canopy style audit, which guarentees that the trees used to create the material were sourced sustainably, and ancient and endangered forests were not harmed.

Knowing where your clothes are made is important, and this Pretty Woman inspired gown is the perfect buy for those who are trying to shop more responsibly.

Whether you want the dress to pay homage to a favorite romcom, or just want it because it's hands down gorgeous doesn't matter, just as long as it gets into your closet.