This Bughead Photo From Season 2 Is Intriguing

by Allie Gemmill
Dean Buscher/The CW

Filming is underway for Riverdale Season 2 and there's already a bit of an exciting tease from set to keep fans occupied with curiosity until the premiere. Early Friday, the official Twitter account for Archie Comics posted a photo of Riverdale's Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart working on a car, presumably as their respective characters, Jughead (Sprouse is wearing the iconic crown beanie) and Betty. As pointed out by Teen Vogue, seeing Betty working on a car is reminiscent of the comic book version, where she's a bit of a grease monkey. So, will Riverdale's Betty become more like comics Betty in Season 2? It's not as hare-brained as you think.

Betty played it relatively safe in Season 1. She was depicted as a benign girl-next-door type, with good grades and a kind disposition. Of course, there was the emergence of Dark Betty from time to time, but overall, she was the coolest Cooper on the block. Can you even imagine how much cooler she would be if her gravitation toward being a car mechanic was pulled from the recent Archie comics and written into her Riverdale character?

It's not all that farfetched, especially if she and Jughead continue to date; Jughead's probably picked up some tips from his Serpent dad and he could pass those tips along to Betty.

For the sake of comparison, here's Betty Cooper as a car mechanic from some of the Archie comics.

Teen Vogue also noted that many fans not only quickly noticed the similarities between the Riverdale set photo and comic version of Betty, but also tweeted their hopes that this would actually happen.

Finally, one Twitter commenter nailed the best part of the whole situation: just seeing Bughead back together makes it feel like all is right with the world.

It will be exciting to see what twists and turns that Riverdale takes Betty and Jughead on, both together and separately, in Season 2. For now, this little tease has left Riverdale fans hoping that this new hobby for Betty gets added to the plot.