A Sneak Peek Of Emma Watson Singing As Belle


Those sneaky little treats over at Disney have done a pretty stellar job of keeping the music of Beauty and the Beast under wraps, but Emma Watson's singing in Beauty and the Beast has made its way to the internet, so you can finally get an idea of what she'll sound like in the film itself. The live-action reboot will be released in theaters on Mar. 17, 2017, but, somehow, we've gotten within three months of that date without a single song-filled trailer. It's a decision I'd love to be indignant about, but it really does make sense. Since Beauty and the Beast is a remake of the classic, most people already know the characters, the stories, and the songs — by heart, in a lot of cases. Even the costumes are seared into our minds, so there isn't a whole lot that can actively surprise fans. Except, of course, the singing itself. That's the wow factor that the studio is very intelligently holding back.

Until now. No, they didn't drop the soundtrack or a new trailer with vocals, but Hasbro did release a Belle doll that sings "Something There" with Emma Watson's voice — albeit accidentally. According to Just Jared, The doll's release was apparently supposed to be held until Jan. 1, but it popped up at Toys 'R Us early. Naturally, a fan scored an Instagram video of Watson's clear soprano coming through.

The good news? Even in an Instagram video, coming out of a featureless doll,her voice is giving me goosebumps. And the bad news? There isn't any, this is only good news forever. I can't wait to see what she does with the full song, let alone the full movie.