This Smart Coaster Could Save Lives

We've all done it. Ordered a drink, left it on the bar, and headed to the bathroom. While it's scary to think someone might tamper with your drink while you're not paying attention, it's something that everyone should keep in mind — and now, there's actually a coaster and app that can tell if your drink has been spiked. Brio is a smart coaster that pairs an interactive app with drink-safety technology so you have one less thing to worry about.

Perhaps you're thinking, I would never just leave my drink unattended. Or, I would only leave it in the safety of someone I trust. But, having your drink spiked can happen even if you don't leave it at all. Maybe you turn to greet a friend. Your back may only be turned for a minute, but a minute is all it takes. And, while it's painful to think about, your drink can even be tampered with by someone you know and trust.

"Conveniently sized to fit into a purse or back pocket, the Brio Smart Coaster can be taken to restaurants, bars, or any nightlife establishment to spark new connections and provide a source of entertainment; all while helping the user keep track of his or her beverage," a press release from Brio Smart Coaster noted.

What To Know About The Brio Smart Coaster

The Brio Smart Coaster costs $39.99, a small price to pay for safety.

  1. Pair the coaster with your smartphone via bluetooth.
  2. Place your drink on the coaster and activate Guard Mode through the mobile app. If someone tampers with your drink, Brio will display a light sequence alarm and send a notification to your phone.
  3. Other features include Brio Mingle, a feature that creates real-time reports that you can use to guide your evening plans and find places or events that fit your vibe.

While some of your friends might tease you for brining your own coaster out for a night on the town, keeping your drink safe is no laughing matter. A survey published by the Daily Mail reported that one in 25 drinks were spiked during a single night at a club. Additionally, another study published in the journal Psychology of Violence found that one in three college students reported having their drinks spiked.

"These data indicate that drugging is more than simply an urban legend," Suzanne Swan, an associate professor of psychology at the University of South Carolina and the lead author of the study, said in a statement to Live Science.

And, if that doesn't convince you, the same study found that out of 462 college students surveyed, 83 admitted to drugging someone else, and that 79 percent of the victims were female. The victims were often acquainted with the people who drugged them.

While it's scary to think that so many people head out for a night of fun with bad intentions, it's important to be aware of potential threats to your safety. If you want to raise the bar on safe drinking, Brio Smart Coaster is now available for Apple devices with an Android version coming soon. And, if you see someone tampering with a drink, report it. We're all in this together.