If You Love Hallmark Movies, You’ll Love James Franco As “Prince Santa”

There's nothing quite like a Hallmark Christmas movie to put you in the holiday spirit. Anyone whose ever seen one knows that the network has its Christmas movies down to a (possibly literal?) science. And it's that very "science" that Saturday Night Live spoofed in an unaired skit. Saturday Night Live's Hallmark Christmas movies sketch brings the hilarity as it captures everything that makes those classic flicks so fun to watch during the holidays.

It's a shame that the skit didn't air during James Franco's hosting stint because a lot of viewers definitely would have related during this time of year. In the sketch, multiple SNL cast members, alongside Franco, act out cleverly designed, faux Hallmark-type Christmas films in everything from Yes, Santa to Kitchen Christmas Wish. They even touch upon some of the tropes that can be seen in almost any movie, like the antagonist who hates Christmas for... some reason.

The skit also references the fact that there are multiple actors who are Hallmark Christmas movie hall of famers by this point such as Lacey Chabert and Jesse Metcalfe. Doesn't it feel like they're in a million movies on the network during this time? It's similar to how Franco's Chris Bearstick appears in more than one film with a similar premise.

Check out the hilariously on point skit to see for yourself just how realistic it is.

If you don't believe that the skit is right on the money, all you have to do is check out some recent Christmas movie examples from Hallmark and beyond.

While it may not be a Hallmark film, Netflix's popular movie A Christmas Prince is totally akin to SNL's parody, which shows Franco's character as the titular Prince Santa. The title of the film follows along an all too typical name generator for these kinds of movies (which is basically putting "Christmas" or "Santa" along with any noun). The variety show clearly picked up on this naming trend and the classic "woman falls in love with a prince" storyline, which is the same premise of Lifetime's My Christmas Prince.

SNL's skit also pointed out that there will be a lot of familiar faces amongst Hallmark's Christmas movie line-up, and this year was no exception. Anyone who's anyone within the made-for-TV movie circuit appeared in one of Hallmark's films this holiday season. Candace Cameron Bure (who may have been parodied by Melissa Villaseñor in the skit) appeared in Switched For Christmas, where she pulled double duty by playing twins. And "that girl from Party of Five" aka Lacey Chabert? She was in The Sweetest Christmas as a pastry chef, just like Heidi Gardner's character in the skit. Of course, one can't forget "that guy from Desperate Housewives", Jesse Metcalfe, who was in Hallmark's film Christmas Next Door.

The parody also shows Kate McKinnon's character "leaving her big city job" to run a Christmas tree farm, where she obviously finds love. That's basically how half of these films start out, with a character leaving the hustle and bustle of the city (likely New York City) to either head back home or go to a small town. Out of Hallmark's 2017 holiday line-up, at least four films (out of 21) fit this premise including Enchanted Christmas starring Alexa and Carlos PenaVega.

The comedy series' "Hallmark Channel Christmas Promo" skit also brings up the fact that Hallmark is releasing over 20 films to celebrate the holiday season. While the films that they showcase, which include Winter Santa and Princess Holiday, are obviously not included on Hallmark's line-up, the channel has indeed released a plethora of Christmas films like Finding Santa and Miss Christmas.

So, SNL's skit was definitely right on track with their Hallmark Christmas parody. Still, dedicated Hallmark fans will probably be ready for any of the network's fun holiday fare.