This Small Detail Detail About Rey's Lightsaber In 'The Last Jedi' Totally Changes The Movie

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By now diehard Star Wars fans have undoubtedly watched The Last Jedi at least a dozen time since it hit theaters last December. However, one detail has emerged about a particular scene that could help to prove a Star Wars theory about Rey's lightsaber training and Kylo Ren that'll totally change how you watch the film moving forward. It centers around Rey's lightsaber training montage while visiting the island of Ahch-To, which may have served not only to tease the mysterious connection between these two Jedis, but also foreshadow the epic showdown that takes place later in the movie between Luke Skywalker and his nephew-turned-nemesis Kylo Ren. In other words: prepare to have your mind blown.

Reddit user egoshoppe brilliantly discovered the very distinct similarities between Rey's lightsaber training and the practically parallel moves Kylo uses while battling his uncle at the end of the film. The motions they use are almost identical — which becomes all the more evident when you actually look at the two moments side by side. However, this detail could extend far beyond just a cool, hidden Easter egg within the franchise. It could also further prove a longstanding theory about Kylo and Rey's strange link to each other's minds that has existed since they first met in The Last Jedi's predecessor, The Force Awakens.

The theory centers around the idea that, when Kylo attempted to read Rey's mind upon capturing her in The Force Awakens, her subconscious mind absorbed a large portion of his knowledge and wisdom about the Force. That would certainly help to explain how she was able to best him in a lightsaber duel at the end of the first film, when she herself had very little experience with the Jedi weapon, especially compared to Kylo, who was trained by the likes of Luke and Snoke.

It would also explain why their fighting styles are so extremely similar, because, in a way, he psychically transferred his abilities to her, whether he meant to do so or not. Perhaps that's also why Luke seemed less than impressed (and even a little repulsed?) when he watched Rey train. The style may have looked a bit too familiar for his liking.

The psychic connection between Kylo and Rey was a key part throughout most of The Last Jedi. Snoke encouraged the link and wanted them to grow closer, knowing Rey would want to try and save Kylo from the dark side and go to him — therein luring her to her own death. Of course, things didn't exactly pan out the way Snoke had hoped, and he met his own demise in the process. But Rey's light and goodness wasn't enough to pull Kylo out of the darkness, so ultimately they will forever remain on opposing sides — a perfect balance between light and dark. There's no doubt this added detail about their fighting styles just further emphasizes that deeply rooted connection.

Stuff like this is one of the many great things that come from being a Star Wars fan. There are always interesting details that come out of the woodwork to showcase how much time and thought has gone into this whole entire process. Sure, Rey's training segment may have seemed somewhat insignificant at the time, but looking back on it now and realizing what it could be indicating makes it that much more integral to the entire overarching story. So the next time you sit down to watch The Last Jedi for the one millionth time, take a closer look at those two scenes with a fresh pair of eyes. It could completely end up changing your entire viewing experience. You're welcome.