You Can Now Buy An Eleven-Shaped 'Stranger Things' Candle, Complete With Bleeding Nose

by Megan Grant

Have you been binge-watching Stranger Things? What a silly question. Of course you have. And now there's even better news for all you fanatics out there: somebody made this Eleven nose-bleeding candle holder, and all your wildest dreams have officially come true.

If you haven't yet been totally consumed by the show (it's only a matter of time), Stranger Things is about the search for a young boy by his mother, a police chief, and friends in the city; and on their hunt, they encounter all kinds of scary forces. Eleven is one of the major characters of the show, undoubtedly made so famous thanks to Millie Bobby Brown, who portrays her. Kidnapped and brought up in Hawkins National Laboratory, she was experimented on due to her inherited psychokinetic powers. It's largely thanks to these special abilities that Eleven goes on such a crazy journey, and Stranger Things fans were obsessed from the word "go."

So obsessed, in fact, that she's been immortalized in all kinds of merchandise and memorabilia; and that's where the candle holder in question comes in. The product is produced by a company named Firebox, who describes the candle holder as, "possibly the strangest thing we've ever created." Nyuk nyuk.

The "beautifully hefty ceramic ornament" comes with two red candles; and when you light one up, the melted wax will bleed out of the nostrils, "just like she's overexerted herself during a psychokinetic episode." They even threw in a handy pose-picker, for when things start to get a little too messy.

We know you've been wondering how to take your Stranger Things obsession to the next level. Well, here it is. The candle is currently available for pre-order for $39.69, and Firebox expects to have them in stock mid-December. We all have an extra $40 laying around to spend on a nosebleed candle holder, right? Right. Firebox, based in the UK, has a lot of fans and shoppers; but their Eleven candle has become some what of a viral internet sensation — for obvious, nose-dripping reasons.

Firebox isn't loyal only to Eleven and Stranger Things. You can also find hatching dragon candles in honor of Game of Thrones (#bendtheknee), hatching dinosaur candles a la Jurassic Park, and OMG this Beauty and the Beast Chip mug. They've got lighting, home decor, gadgets, books and tons of other sweet stuff. Take my money!

Firebox isn't the only place you can shop for Stranger Things merchandise.

Peruse the corners of the internet and you'll find tote bags, stickers, travel mugs, t-shirts, posters, magnets, prints, pins, and phone cases. Sellers on Etsy are all about it. Even your favorite emo '90s store Hot Topic has jumped on the bandwagon with vinyl figures, action figure sets, key chains, and pens galore.

Currently in only its second season, Stranger Things has already garnered two Golden Globes awards, several Emmys, a SAG award, and many others — plus an impressive number of nominations. Viewers and critics are already talking about what we might be able to expect in seasons three, four, and five. You're sure to fall in love with the whole cast. I mean, look at how adorable Millie Bobby Brown is rapping to Nicki Minaj on Jimmy Fallon, possibly better than Nicki Minaj originally did it.

And look at her being all cute with Ellen DeGeneres.

And here she is making me emotional accepting an award.

We're definitely #TeamMillie.

Sure, the Eleven candle is a bloody good time (jokes!) and the perfect purchase for the Halloween season; but any Stranger Things fan knows that truly, it's always a good time for an Eleven candle that drips from both nostrils. Pre-order yours now before they sell out and you have to use normal, boring candles that don't get nosebleeds.