The 'That Thing You Do!' Cast Reunited 20 Years Later

Twentieth Century Fox

"I am Spartacus!" is what you'll probably be yelling once you see these photos and videos from when the That Thing You Do! cast reunited Tuesday 20 years since the movie came out in October 1996. To be clear, the entire cast wasn't part of the reunion, including Steve Zahn (Lenny), Liv Tyler (Faye), and director/writer of the film, Tom Hanks, who also played Mr. White. However, three familiar faces were in attendance, which is still pretty fantastic. Tom Everett Scott (Guy), Ethan Embry (the unnamed bass player), and Johnathon Schaech (Jimmy) came together and made fans' dreams come true once again as The Wonders, formerly The Oneders (not the Oh-need-ers).

The three actors showed up at Los Angeles' Roxy Theatre and performed during the Goddamn Comedy Jam event, which is a monthly standup show for comedians who also perform their favorite cover song with a live band. Josh Adam Meyers hosted the event and jammed with The Wonders to the film's hit song, "That Thing You Do!"

Meyers expressed his delight over the reunion on Instagram and wrote, "We reunited The Wonders aka The Oneders from the movie That Thing You Do. Played the hit song from the movie. It was magical. Thank you @thetomeverettscott @johnschaech @ethanembry. #stevezahn and @tomhanks you were missed! One of the best @thegdcomedyjam we have ever done."

As you can see below, Scott, Schaech, and Embry haven't lost their musical touch. Based on his facial expressions, dancing, and jumping, it's clear that Embry especially was having the time of his life. "Tonight was so damn fun," Embry wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of himself and his former co-stars. "For some reason I felt 16 again." That definitely showed.

The Can't Hardly Wait actor also took to Twitter to brag about the reunion and captioned his photo, "When we reunion, we reunion hard." Just look at them in their matching dress shirts and ties. It's also great to see that Scott is sporting his character's famous shades.

Schaech even shared a video of three on Instagram before they took the stage. In it, you can see their excitement over their long overdue reunion. Oh, and you'll also notice that Scott hasn't lost his touch with the drum sticks. He seriously is still Spartacus.

For those who are bummed that Zahn wasn't there, his former bandmates kept his and Lenny's spirit alive in the most perfect way.

Has this reunion made you run down the street screaming like The Wonders when they heard their song for the first time on the radio, yet? If not, you are obviously much better at controlling your emotions than I am.

Oh, and good luck trying to get "That Thing You Do!" out of your head.