This Thrifting Expert Has Created *The Coolest* Home Out Of Secondhand Finds

To travel blogger Liz Kamarul, not knowing exactly what you're looking for until you find it is part of the beauty of thrifting. As a matter of fact, she's become such an expert purveyor of secondhand goods that her local thrift shop has become a daily destination full of endless home decor possibilities.

"I’ve always loved crafting and creating," Kamarul told our camera crew this spring when we visited her New Orleans abode. "One of my favorite ways to make my house feel like a home is taking my thrift store items and finding unique ways to make them my own."

All it takes is one quick scroll through Kamarul's envy-worthy Instagram account to prove that she's totally mastered this art, but her passion is not without its own set of challenges: "I do have allergies, and thrifting is dusty business," she admits, which is why we've partnered with the allergy experts at BENADRYL® to give you a peek inside Kamarul's bohemian-chic home. Check out her home in the video below, then feel inspired to make your own space feel just as relaxing so you can enjoy your well-deserved end-of-day moments.

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