Read Trump's Tweets As White House Statements

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

President Donald Trump's insane tweeting habits have become an essential part of his persona and presidency — and finally we have an outlet in which to read them that feels a little more reflective of the situation. A Twitter bot was created to transform Trump's tweets into official White House press releases.

It's easy to dismiss Trumps Twitter ramblings as just that, but when you read them in the format of a White House press release, they sound way more serious, yet simultaneously more ridiculous. Seeing Trump bash London Mayor Sadiq Khan via press release rather than tweet comes off as even more petty and childish.

Aide to former President Barack Obama Patrick Cunnane inspired the Trump Tweet bot when he sent out his own version of a tweet in the format of a White House press release on Sunday. New York Times correspondent Maggie Haberman also tweeted that Trump's tweets should be viewed as statements made by the president. Drawing inspiration from both, coder Russel Neiss created @RealPressSecBot, which scans Trump's feed every fifteen minutes and makes them into press releases.

The bot was created on Sunday, and hasn't turned any of Trump's old tweets into statements, but surely it's worth a follow for the comedic relief of seeing Trump's words and potential spelling mistakes of the future end up looking like press releases.

It's a very funny joke, but it's also important to note Haberman's point that Trump's tweets are basically short forms of presidential statements. Trump's tweets have become a topic of discussion, especially among journalists who debate whether it's worth covering his statements on social media. On Monday, at the White House Press Briefing, Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about Trump's tweets about London's mayor. Trump tweeted that Mayor Khan said there was "nothing to be alarmed about"; however, he made it look like Khan was referring to terrorism, rather than the heightened police presence in London.

There is also a lot of concern over Trump's tweets regarding the travel ban. Although he previously insisted it wasn't a ban, he's started calling it that on social media, even though it may harm his chances in getting the ban's block lifted in court.

It's difficult to determine how seriously to take the president's tweets. One day he's complaining about media coverage, and the next he is calling for tougher vetting processes for immigrants. This new bot is just another fun way to try to keep your mind off the fact that the same man who tweeted "covfefe" is making decisions that will affect our country.