This Unicorn Hair Tutorial Is Truly Epic

by Amanda Richards

If you've ever suspected that you might actually be a unicorn but simply lacked the technicolor tresses and horn, this unicorn hair tutorial is going to make your day. Posted by a studio called Super Deluxe, the tutorial follows along hair stylist Amanda Ozard and makeup artist Kate Tsang as they dye a model's hair a variety of pastel colors, do her makeup with just the right amount of glitter, and of course, affix a horn to the top of her head.

The horn is probably the most impressive part of the whole thing. Using a foam cone, the stylist wraps a portion of the model's newly-dyed hair around it, creating a conical swirl of hair that truly resembles a badass unicorn horn. For the rest of her hair, the stylist added a series of stacked and teased ponytails, surely to emulate a horse's — err, unicorn's main.

The final result is pretty impressive, and it's also going to inspire you to keep this trick in your back pocket until Halloween next year. Then again, why wait for Halloween? If you really feel like a unicorn, you might as well go for it as soon as possible.

Here's the video:

Pretty incredible, right? It's even cooler that the color combinations are truly endless — with this as your inspiration, you can create a one-of-a-kind look. In other words, yup: You really are a unicorn.