This Urban Outfitters x Laura Ashley Clothing Collab Is The Most '90s Line You've Ever Seen

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is all about bringing throwback eras back into the mainstream, where they were one of the early adapters to push the fanny pack and bucket hat out of the '80s, the mom jean and Calvin Klein logo look from the '90s, and now it's spearheading the return of grunge with a new collab. Urban Outfitters and Laura Ashley are collaborating on a collection, and it is going to be peak '90s. The UK-brand has been producing items since the 1950s, but opened its first brick-and-mortar shop in the '60s. Ashley's love of all things Victorian led to the label's trademark long silhouettes and granny floral styles, but the label's clothes took on a completely different meaning in the '80s thanks to the rise of grunge.

While today the brand is very feminine, countryhouse-chic, and respectably British, its thrfit-inspired past is what makes it an on-trend choice for Urban Outfitters to collaborate with.

In the '80s and '90s, when twenty-somethings flooded thrift stores in search of cheap and eclectic clothing they could clash and stand out in, they found a slew of donated Laura Ashley blouses and peasant skirts, which they then went on to contrast with their leather jackets and Converse high tops.

"We felt strongly that our brand was a good fit with Urban Outfitters," Penne Cairoli, president of Laura Ashley, told InStyle in an interview. "We wanted to develop styles and designs that were brand appropriate, but with a distinctive Urban Outfitters DNA and respect for Laura Ashley's long history."

Their 13-piece collection will be available both at Urban Outfitters stores and online on July 30, featuring items like modern mini skirts, blue faded spaghetti strap dresses, and '90s silhouette floral dresses. Check out some of the picks below.

Laura Ashley & UO Lace-Up Midi Dress

Urban Outfitters

Featuring a floral linen fabric in a delicate blue, this dress is peak Laura Ashley in the '90s. There is lace-up detailing at the sides to make it feel fun and fresh, and the square neckline and spaghetti straps has a definite grunge era vibe to it. If you feel like the pale blue is a little too sweet for you, there is also a light yellow version that looks a little more edgy than its blue sister counterpart (especially when paired with boots.)

Laura Ashley & UO Button-Front Mini Dress

Urban Outfitters

Featuring a button-front closure with a sweetheart neckline, this paneled mini dress looks exactly like the sort of dress the grunge kids were looking for at the thrift stores in the '90s. Complete with thick shoulder straps and a dainty floral print that's synonymous with the fashion brand, it's a great throwback summer dress.

Laura Ashley & UO Leila Kick Flare Pant

Urban Outfitters

Rocking a porcelain jar floral print with a modern kick flare cropped hem silhouette, these pants are so on-trend for this summer.

Laura Ashley & UO Lauralee Midi Dress

Urban Outfitters

What's more '90s than a v-cut waistline and a popcorn shirt material for a bodice? This prairie midi dress could have belonged to your cool babysitter from your childhood.

Laura Ashley & UO Patti Mule Heel

Urban Outfitters

No '90s collection would be complete without a mule heel. This one comes in that same feminine light blue shade as the smock dress, with a bold floral pattern splashed across it.

If you have a need to relive the grunge days from a few decades back, this collection was designed especially for you. Don't sleep on it.