This Vacation Hotspot Is The Most Instagrammable Place On Earth


For many people, going on vacation is no longer only about experiencing new things, having the chance to get a glimpse at another culture, eating delicious food, and being able to clock in some quality relaxation time — it's also about taking as many incredible photos as you can to post all over your Instagram feed for as long as you can before you start annoying all of your followers. Of course, a vacation to a new place isn't just about getting the best vacation Instagram pictures, but that's certainly a perk. Some spots make this much easier than others.

A 2019 study by Big Seven Travel that combined survey results, hashtag popularity, and votes by a panel of travel experts recently named the 50 most Instagrammable places in the world for the year 2019. So, if you go to these spots — any of these spots — you're pretty much guaranteed to get at least a handful of Instagram-worthy photos that will basically make you a bonafide travel blogger while also seriously amping up your feed. Even better, traveling to the hotspots on this list is easy: In conjunction with this research, social travel company for 18-35 year old travelers, Contiki, is offering major discounts on trip packages for these exact destinations.

So, what topped the list?


Coming in at fifth place is South Africa, which offers up some seriously unique photos as well as incredible experiences. South Africa has it all: dramatic scenery, lots of hiking and exploring, stunning beaches, and a glimpse at the Big 5, aka a list of animals you can't really see in many other places in this world. It's hardly surprising that this country has taken such a high spot on the list. (Contiki, for what it's worth, is offering over $300 off their 11-day Cape, Safari, and Falls trip.)

The number four spot is Indonesia, a nation in Southeast Asia known for their truly remarkable beaches and scenery everywhere. You can explore the various islands (who doesn't want to go to Bali at some point in the life?), lay by the beach for hours upon hours, or venture out to get a glimpse at exotic animals like elephants and tigers. There are more than enough Instagrammable opportunities in Indonesia to satisfy even the most curious of photographers.


Number three might be a little surprising to some: it's Canada. The country may seem underwhelming, but in reality, Canada offers up some of the most spectacular scenery and nature out there. Depending on where you go, you can get a real feel for the wilderness and the great outdoors, or you can relax and hang out in one of the many charming cities and towns that are all over. There are mountains, skiing, hiking, white-water rafting, wineries, good food, huge spots like Niagara Falls, and so much more. If you're looking to conquer the whole country, Contiki is offering $450 off their Canada & The Rockies 11-day adventure.

The number two spot on the list, however, shouldn't be surprising to anyone: it's Hong Kong, China, an Instagram favorite. Hong Kong is colorful, vibrant, beautiful, and full of so many hidden joys and things to explore. Plus, there's amazing food everywhere! It is definitely not hard to find a good photo op there.


So what is the number one most Instagrammable place in the world? According to this research, that would be Australia, which snagged the number one spot on the list. And it's really not hard to see why. Australia offers everything from incredible beaches to exotic animals to bustling cities full of interesting experiences. There is absolutely no shortage of things to see, do, explore, and take photos of. And yes, Contiki offers deals for Australia too: you can save over $400 on trips there right now.

Moral of the story? It's definitely time to book a vacation to one of these inspirational spots. Get on that fast!