This Video Of Celebs Reading Texts From Their Moms Includes Some Hilariously Harsh Messages

Even celebrities aren't immune to being embarrassed by their parents. In honor of Mother's Day, Jimmy Kimmel had celebrities read texts from their moms, and the results are hilarious. It doesn't matter who you are — parents will always find a way to keep parenting.

One particularly funny text came from Kristen Bell's mom, who apparently wants to use her daughter's star power to get a leg up on her friends. The Good Place star revealed on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! episode that her mom once texted her,

Hey Kristen, I know that you know Jimmy Kimmel, and he's doing the Oscars. So tell him to give you all the winners, so you can give me the winners, and I can win at my Oscar party.

Even if Kimmel did know the list of Oscar winners ahead of time (they're kept top secret), well, he definitely wouldn't have been able to release the list to Bell and her mom. Still, her request is pretty funny — especially since the reason she wanted the list wasn't because she was curious, but because she wanted to best her friends. It looks like Bell's mom isn't afraid to use her daughter's connections to make some pretty audacious requests, even if she ended up filling out her Oscar predictions list on her own.

Other stars' mothers' texts seemed to take aim at their acting ability and the projects they're known for. Anna Faris' mom, for instance, texted her daughter in the middle of the night to let her know that she considers her "the greatest actress of your generation" — followed by the hope that her daughter would one day "transition into dramatic work." Here's the text Faris read from her mom:

My dear Ani, I hope this doesn't wake you. I just want you to know how proud your father and I are of you. As you know know we truly believe you are the greatest actress of your generation. We do someday hope you transition into dramatic work. I also woke up because I am worried you are not wearing enough sunscreen and taking the B-12 I got you from a Costco. I hope this doesn't wake you. Please give Allison Janney our love and congratulations. No one deserves the Oscar more than her.

There's a lot to unpack in this one. And it looks like Faris' mom tried to mention the "dramatic work" thing with the compliment-sandwich technique, first mentioning how great her daughter is before sliding in the backhanded remark. At least she's worried about sun safety?

The funniest mom text, though, is from Tony Hale's mother. She texted her son to let him know that while her friends love Arrested Development, his parents "still don't get it." Ouch.

Kimmel has made similar Mother's Day videos in the past, featuring funny texts his Jimmy Kimmel Live! staff members have gotten from their own moms. Some of those texts included comments about their Instagram photos and questions about "Facebook etiquette when someone pokes you." (There was also one very detailed text message about dog poop.) And one mom really went in for the burn, asking her son if he was planning on "seeing your imaginary girlfriend today." Yikes.

Kimmel's Mother's Day segments are a hilarious reminder that whether or not you're famous, your parents will always find a way to, well, act like parents. And if you're celebrating Mother's Day this weekend, and your mom hasn't sent embarrassing texts like these, maybe it's time to give her some extra words of thanks this year. Although, seriously — what are the Facebook etiquette rules about poking?