Someone Turned 'The Office' Fire Drill Scene Into A Horror Movie & You Can't Unsee It


Ask any fan of The Office to make a list of their all-time favorite episodes of the series and you better believe the one that contains the iconic fire drill scene will be on it. Fearing that his coworkers aren't taking his fire safety talks seriously, Dwight tricks everyone into thinking the building is actually on fire. Sounds pretty funny, right? That's because it is. However, someone has recently re-edited The Office fire drill scene and it turns out that if you remove all of the jokes and add some super creepy music, the story quickly transforms into a horror film guaranteed to haunt your nightmares for years to come.

Looking back on the premise now, it makes sense that Dwight's actions could be taken as pretty dark and sinister, but since there were always so many jokes incorporated into the story each time we watched it, that concept may have been somewhat difficult to pick up on. (Who doesn't love the part where Angela tosses her beloved cat through the ceiling in an attempt to save Bandit from the flames?) But if you remove those hilarious bits from the equation, you get something quite unexpected and it'll change the way you watch that scene from here on out.

For reference, here's the original fire drill scene from the show:

And here's what happened when Twitter user Austin Spencer recut the scene, morphing this comedy into a truly chilling tale:

"I removed all the jokes from the fire drill scene from The Office and added scary music to see how much I could change the tone," Spencer tweeted alongside the video. Needless to say, mission accomplished.

As you can imagine, as soon as fans got wind of this terrifying creation, it practically set the Internet ablaze, so to speak. People just couldn't get over how scary it now was and how super horrifying Dwight came across. It kinda makes you stop and wonder what other scenes from the show could be changed in a similar fashion. In fact, Twitter user @AlsoSaint already put in a request for what episode Spencer could alter next: the one about CPR.

For those who are in need of a refresher, the CPR episode takes place during Season 5 titled "Stress Relief," in which Michael arranges a CPR training session for his employees and culminates in Dwight removing the dummy's fake skin and wearing it on his own face a la Hannibal Lecter-style.

That was already pretty scary, so imagine what could be done to purposefully make it even more terrifying. (It's also hard not to notice that Dwight is the villain in both of these scenarios... has he been Norman Bates-ing us this whole time?)

Needless to say, this definitely proves to be an eye-opening experience and something we'll never be able to unsee. This, of course, won't stop us from watching The Office on repeat (it is, as you may know by now, a highly addictive show), but it does make you give this scene a second look. Perhaps this series wasn't quite a comedy after all.