This Video Of Little Kids Singing “Happy Birthday” To A Baby Chick Will Break Your Heart

Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I can be awfully pessimistic, especially on the Internet. Should we all log off forever? In my opinion, yes. My Twitter feed is usually a wasteland filled with unfunny memes and hot takes on whatever the current administration is up to, so I rarely feel anything but vague dread when I'm on social media. But I got caught off guard today by a wholesome post, so I'm sharing it with you: A video of kids singing "Happy Birthday" to a newly hatched chick has gone viral, and it will break your heart in the best way.

Even if you aren't someone who loves children, you'll be able to recognize this video as very pure content. It was originally posted by Twitter user @meaghan_fogarty with the caption, "my moms kindergarten class watching a chick hatch and then singing happy birthday to it." This tweet underpromises and overdelivers, I promise. The video is only 37 seconds long, but it made my entire week better. The off-tune singing combined with the earnest "cha-cha-chas" will leave you a changed person. It's racked up nearly 100,000 retweets and more than 250,000 likes since it was posted on Jan. 25, and it's not hard to see why once you watch it yourself.

There's so much to unpack here, and all of it is good: From the squeals and gasps as the chick hatches to the tiny voice saying, "It's so cute!", the first 10 seconds of this video are pure joy. From there, we get the "Happy Birthday" song and a little kid admonishing his friends to sing quietly so they don't bother the chick. My cold heart has been warmed, and I've watched this on repeat more times than I'm willing to admit. Because this is the Internet, no good tweet goes unpunished, and some Twitter users wondered whether the kindergartners had somehow killed the chick. Twitter user @_LifeOfDy asked, "Okay but is the chicky okay because it stopped moving and it looked underdone and I’m legit worried."

Thankfully, people who know more about chickens than I do came to the rescue and reassured all of us that the chick was not, in fact, dead upon arrival. While that would feel fitting in today's news cycle, it can take up to a day for a chicken to leave its shell, so this chick is likely doing just fine. They just took a break while hatching, which is definitely relatable. Most of the replies to the tweet are people relishing in the wholesomeness of the video, much like I did. Seeing a group of little kids break out into song to celebrate a tiny animal is something that moved us all. Some people did make chicken nugget jokes, but I'm choosing to ignore them.

I'm upset that I, a mammal, cannot lay eggs and invite a kindergarten class to applaud my new baby and sing to it upon its arrival. Granted, I'm not pregnant, so this isn't exactly an issue, but I very strongly believe that I would be much better off today if young children had welcomed me into the world with a song. I'm petitioning that we use this viral video to create new laws and make a rule that every newborn human and animal is born with a captive audience ready to sing "Happy Birthday." It wouldn't fix all of our problems, but I feel like the world would be a better place. In all seriousness, this video made a stressful week much better for a lot of us, and I'm glad it was shared in the first place. I'm going to add "cha-cha-cha" to the birthday song at the next birthday party I attend in homage to these kids.