Target Is Selling A Giant Waffle Pool Float Just In Time For Summer

by Callie Tansill-Suddath

It is a doggone shame Indiana is landlocked, because a pool float making the rounds on the internet is something out of Leslie Knope's wildest dreams. Target's inflatable five-foot Waffle Pool Float is the perfect example of something you never knew you wanted, but now you know you absolutely NEED. Who needs breakfast in bed when your breakfast can be the bed? (Floating on top of the pool, naturally.) The design of the float even depicts a pool of maple syrup and a pat of butter on top, because how ELSE are you going to eat — uh, float — on a waffle?

The Waffle Pool Float is exactly that: A means of staying buoyant while becoming one with a giant vinyl version of your brunch. According to the product description on Target's website, the float is 56 inches long, and "made of heavy duty and durable .25mm vinyl." Though you've likely never given much thought to the girth of your float's construction, Target explains .25mm is "a thickness that helps prevent punctures and other damage to your new pool toy," which seems important both for the sake of floating, and waffle consumption. If you've ever had an inflatable toy deflate or had syrup pouring out of a hole in your waffle, you know just how hard it is to not only fix it, but locate the hole in the first place.

While sold by Target, the float is originally manufactured by a company called Kangaroo, which the product description attached to the Waffle Pool Float explains is known as, "the 'Luxury Car of Swimming Pool Toys'." Moreover, "Kangaroo pool toys are sure to last for many Summers, [and are] perfect for swimming pools and the beach!"

A waffle isn't the only edible to capture the eye of pool float designers. In fact, things you would find in your refrigerator have served as pretty reliable design inspo for pool floats.

Take, for example, a popular pool float from last summer, which has been reinvented this year. The avocado pool float is an inflatable aquatic version of an unlikely millennial powerhouse snack. Now, in addition to topping your toast with it and dipping your chips in it, you can lay in an enormous avocado as you soak up the sun. It is just about as close as you can get to becoming *one* with the creamy verdant fruit (yes, fruit). A pit is to an avocado what a pearl is to an oyster, and now you can be the pit you've always aspired to be.

Speaking of oysters, pearls, and edible pool float inspiration, there's also a float for fans of the slimy, salty shellfish. The Oyster Shell pool float from Frontgate allows you to channel your inner Roman goddess in ways you've never thought possible. While sitting in this float you are indeed a pearl, a beautiful gem from deep in the sea. Unlike the waffle float and the avocado float, the oyster pool float is shaped like a chair, allowing maximum comfort while sitting. The product has a pearly white base and is accented with shimmery iridescent trim. While the most expensive of the three pool floats mentioned, it is the biggest and is on sale.

Summer is approaching, so sit back and enjoy the ride on the edible-inspired pool float of your dreams.