This 'Walking Dead' Easter Egg About Morgan & The Whisperers Is So Disturbing

Gene Page/TWD

The Whisperers may be new to Michonne, Daryl, Tara, Rosita, Aaron, and Eugene but this may not be the first time that a Walking Dead character has encountered this creepy foe. Morgan foreshadowed The Whisperers in Season 3, which means the group has probably been hiding in the fringes of the forest for several seasons. Like, this whole time.

In “Clear,” Rick, Michonne, and Carl went back to Rick’s hometown to grab more weapons in preparation for their fight with The Governor. They were ambushed by a masked man who turned out to be Morgan, better known then as the guy who took Rick in and explained the apocalypse rules during the pilot episode. Morgan was obviously a different person at this point but the depths of his mental breakdown were further explored when he tried to sneak attack Rick with a knife in his bunker of doom.

Rick knocked him down with a gun and tried to remind Morgan about who he was, but Morgan started screaming nonsense phrases including “people wearing dead people’s faces.” He stabbed Rick and kept being aggressive until he finally snapped out of his psychosis. Rick dismissed Morgan’s "dead people" statement because, well, he was in a terrible mental state. Survivors had used walker guts to navigate herds in dire situations, but wearing their faces? Come on.

Of course, causal TV fans simply thought Morgan was rambling incoherently but comic readers suspected that he might have been talking about the Whisperers. However, based on the comic book timeline, it seemed way too early for this villain to be referenced in the TV show. The line was pretty much written off as a meaningless Easter egg for comic fans and no one thought twice about it — until now.

Was Morgan actually telling the truth? It seems unlikely that anyone would mistake a living person for a walker, even if they were experiencing a mental breakdown. Morgan could have killed what he thought was a walker and realized that it was a person wearing walker skin. Or, he might have encountered an early version of the Whisperers and somehow made it out alive. This would explain why he wasn't alarmed by someone talking to him while “wearing” Rick’s face. And, he probably didn’t mention it later in the series because he wasn’t sure that it really happened at all.

It’s interesting to think about the Whisperers hiding among the walkers for all of these years. Did they originate in Georgia? Were they the cause of some large herds? And, how long have they been in Alexandria? The Whisperers honestly could be from anywhere in the South considering Alpha’s accent and their nomadic lifestyle. They could have passed through Georgia unbeknownst to the prison group and ended up in the Alexandria area. And, perhaps there have been people who encountered them in the past and never lived to tell our group. So many people disappear and die on this show that anything is possible.

Sadly, Morgan isn't around anymore to confirm that he has seen the Whisperers before, so we will never know. Hopefully, the origin story behind Alpha and the Whisperers will be explored throughout the remainder of Season 9.