Consider The SHOP/WHO WHAT WEAR App Your New Shopping Go-To

by Augusta Statz
Cole Bennetts/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you’ve ever seen a celebrity OOTD and thought, “OK, how can I recreate that in actual everyday life?” you need to download this app immediately. The SHOP/WHO WHAT WEAR app is delivering a fresh way to shop trendy must-haves. So, if you thought you already spent a lot of time on your phone — you haven’t seen anything yet.

Once you download this user-friendly shopping tool, you’ll feel like you’ve got a personal stylist right at your fingertips. You’ll be able to “swipe up” to buy affordable versions of celeb outfits, see Who What Wear editors’ picks from your favorite brands and more. The Who What Wear publication is already your go-to for determining what’s “in,” so, it makes perfect sense that they’re shopping app would become your stylish new best friend.

“SHOP/WHO WHAT WEAR is the perfect complement to our editorial content because it completes the natural progression from seeking fashion inspiration to making a purchase in an easy and curated way,” Katherine Power, co-founder and CEO of Clique Media Group (the parent company of Who What Wear) said in a press release. They’ve teamed up with 30 retailers including Reformation, Zara, ASOS and Forever 21 to create this impeccable platform for buying must-haves. It's truly a mobile shopping experience like no other. And one thing’s for sure: you’re going to love it!

Courtesy Clique Media Group

You can find items in a range of price points because this app isn't about strictly finding the exact items celebrities were wearing. Instead, it's about letting their style influence your closet in a way you can handle. Basically, what I'm saying is you don't have to have a massive budget to dress like an A-lister. Score!

Courtesy Clique Media Group

Not only are there a range of prices, but there are also a range of sizing options. You can peruse plus sizes from brands such as ASOS Curve and more within the app. "Inclusivity is really a part of our DNA — we've always been about making style work for everyone, no matter your size, shape, or budget — so it was important that the app reflect this point of view. It's just realistic, too," Hillary Kerr, chief ideation officer and co-founder of Clique Media Group tells Bustle via email.

Courtesy Clique Media Group

All in all, it was about creating an environment where fashion lovers could enjoy chic clothing options, regardless of budget or personal style. "We really want to the mobile shopping experience incredibly easy and inspiring, because know that our readers love their phones and shopping — as do we," Kerr writes. "As someone who does 99 percent of her clothing and accessory shopping online and on my phone, I know firsthand the pain of trying to buy from multiple retailers; it's just impossible. So we really wanted to solve that problem, and just make it easy to find great pieces."

Courtesy Clique Media Group

You can always count on fresh content from this app, too. I'm talking daily updates, so, you know where to go to find that new new. According to Kerr, products are updated daily, the "Get The Look" section is pulled directly from the Who What Wear site, which is updated regularly, but all of the other SHOP content is made with the "Who What Wear editorial POV" and is unique to the app. You can count on seeing round-ups you haven't seen before while searching for new clothing, accessories and more. How fun!

Considering you can find your favorite pieces and easily purchase them, all within the app, this is pretty much the only necessary tool for all of your online shopping needs. It's free and available to download now. So, what are you waiting for? Chic items are ready to be added to your closet!