This Wine Glass Holder For Your Tub Just Answered Prayers You Didn't Know You Had

by Eliza Castile

Sometimes, the only way to get through a long week is by envisioning yourself soaking in a bath, bubbles up to your nose and a wineglass resting nearby. Theoretically, it's paradise. In practice, it usually ends with that wineglass shattered on the bathroom floor, effectively trapping you in the tub. Enter the SipCaddy, a cup holder that suctions to to the wall, so you can bring alcohol (or anything you pour into a wine glass) into the shower with you. Mark my words: Bubble baths will never be the same.

For being such a genius invention, the SipCaddy is simple. Basically, the creators came up with a cup holder meant for cans, bottles, cups, and wineglasses — even those with stems. That is brilliant in and of itself, but what separates it from all the other novelty items for sale on the Internet is that the cup holder is attached to a heavy-duty suction cup. According to the product website, the suction cup can stick to non-porous surfaces made of plastic, ceramic, metal, glass, and mirrored material, and it is capable of holding up to seven pounds. You know, for those days when only seven pounds of beer will do the job.

But enough chitchat. I present to you the SipCaddy.

SipCaddy, $14, Sip Caddy

It may be small, but it is mighty. Naturally, you may be a little wary of anything that relies on a suction cup to stick to a slippery surface, which is why the website recommends against using it to hold glassware. Of all the places for your favorite wineglass to break into a million tiny, dangerous pieces, the shower where you're naked and possibly a little buzzed is one of the worst. On top of holding containers of alcohol, the creators also note that it can also hold shampoo bottles, which could be useful information when your mom visits and asks why you have a cup holder attached to your shower wall.

The SipCaddy can be purchased for $14 through its website. If you live in the United States, you're in luck; the product ships for free within the country. While it does ship outside the country, you'll have to pay for shipping on international orders. Depending on how dearly you love shower beer, it may be worth the extra money.

Of course, the case could be made that drinking beverages of any kind, alcoholic or not, in the shower is a little unsanitary. But given the popularity of #showerwine on Instagram, I would say that's not a common opinion.

Say what you will about the various and sundry pitfalls of the Internet, but it's heaven for lazy drinkers. Earlier this year, everyone was abuzz after the launch of PangPang's "Shower Beer," a pale ale meant for, well, drinking in the shower. The beer comes in a six-ounce bottle, which is about half the size of a regular beer, but at 10 percent ABC, it packs a strong punch. The idea is to drink it in just a few gulps as you get ready for the rest of your night.

Then there are the many, many inventive ways people have created to hold your alcohol. For $10, Amazon sells a necklace to hold your wine glass, presumably so you can have both hands free to tipsily gesticulate at parties. The Holstar, meanwhile, allows you to stash multiple beverages on your person. Seriously, it is an actual holster made of saddle leather meant to hold your beer cans and bottles.

Basically, no longer do you have to ask a friend to hold your beer while you get into shenanigans. The Internet has plenty of products to do that for you. What a time to be alive!