Twitter Is Freaking Out About What This Woman Just Used As A Beauty Blender

This is a makeup mic drop moment. A woman just her boyfriend's balls as a Beauty Blender. And then shared the video with everyone on twitter. Yes, his testicles. Go head and squirm, crinkle your nose, feel a bit grossed out, and then be insanely curious at how this all... went down.

According to BuzzFeed, Hines, 18, said her BF Damon Richards, 20, is "always messing with me so he started putting his balls on my head. I made a joke about using them as a beautyblender and we literally just looked at each other and started laughing and made the video from there."

Sounds like typical young person hijinks, no? The duo certainly looks lovey-dovey in their photos posted by BuzzFeed, and this makeup, uh, "innovation" was born rather innocently. Once Hines tweeted the video of their makeup magic, the Internet reacted as one would expect it to — with a variety of extreme opinions.

In the 14-second clip, which I admit that I watched three times, Hines giggles as she gingerly uses Richards' balls to tap the cream product she has applied to her forehead. She even reveals a makeup golden rule regarding blending sponges when she says, "It works really nice because it's warm." And thus the beautyballer was born.

You can watch this NSFW makeup sesh here, and read some of the hilarious reactions below.

There it is. It was certainly a polarizing move, and the Twitter responses ran the gamut from shock to humor to repulsion, as one could imagine. Some recognized Hines and Richards were just having some fun.

Internet makeup star Manny MUA was here for this new technique.

This person saw it for the joke that I think this whole thing was.

It's probably not a new Sephora product category, that's for sure. But this tweet clearly recognizes the ridiculous humor implicit in this new social media makeup "trend."

This user was not impressed by the "creativity" expressed by Hines and Richards. It's actually in response to Hines tweeting that her "life is f--king cancelled" at the response of her video. There were some more biting responses in the Twitterverse.

This is a recent photo of Hines on Instagram... pre-life-being-canceled-by-using-her-BFs-balls-as-a-beautyblender. Let's hope this trend fizzles out or stays off the web.