Thrive Causemetics Just Donated $25 Million Worth Of Cosmetics To Women In Need

Never underestimate the power of makeup. One cosmetics brand just made history with a mass beauty product donation to women who are experiencing challenging times. Thrive Causemetics donated $25 million in beauty products to women who are survivors of domestic violence, fighting homelessness, and battling cancer, making sure women in need don't have to break the bank to fill their makeup bag.

Since the vegan and cruelty-free brand's inception in 2015, Thrive Causemetics has been giving beauty products away every day. With each purchase made by a shopper, the brand either donates a product or gives a monetary donation to a charity that supports women, animals, and communities in need around the world.

Now with its four year anniversary this month, Thrive is celebrating by donating $25 million in products to over 50 partner organizations that empower women. Specifically, the brand is supporting causes that help women who are fighting cancer, are surviving domestic abuse, and are emerging homelessness.

"We are proud to partner with incredible organizations across the country to bring the power of beauty to every woman, no matter what challenges they face," Founder and CEO Karissa Bodnar writes on Thrive's site.

The generous brand was first created thanks to a beautiful friendship. When Bodnar was 24 years old, she lost her close friend Kristy to cancer. Bodnar was inspired to start a company that could help women in need thrive. Giving back has always been part of Thrive's DNA. When Bodnar sold her first set of lashes, she immediately donated a pair.

“Everyone who purchases a product becomes part of our mission to give back — and after four years of building a compassionate community, we are setting a precedent for beauty companies that give back,” Bodnar shared on Thrives' site. “We are proud to partner with incredible organizations across the country to bring the power of beauty to every woman, no matter what challenges they face.”

While Thrive's donation will be split among 50 non-profit organizations, there will be plenty to go around. Some organizations include Mary's Place, which provides women a path out of homelessness; Women Helping Women, an organization working to end domestic violence; and Families Moving Forward, which provides housing to families with kids that are experiencing temporary homelessness.

“We are grateful to empower women through beauty," Bodnar shares with Bustle. "A woman once told me 'lipstick enhances my boss babe,' and I remember being in awe of how makeup was such a huge source of strength for her. Makeup is a tool that can empower a woman to present herself to the world in exactly the way she chooses. This donation of our skincare and makeup goes beyond skin deep; it [hopefully] helps women regain the confidence they may have lost due to their life's circumstances. When a woman is confident, she is unstoppable.”

Makeup helps women in need rebuild their confidence and gain a sense of identity, so it is a worthy donation.

"We are very excited about our partnership with Thrive Causemetics," Mary's Place Executive Director Marty Hartman shared in a press release. "Women experiencing homelessness often feel invisible and worthless. We're grateful to Thrive for bringing hope and for helping our women regain their self-confidence and thrive."

This is the brand's second substantial donation in just six months. Thrive also recently raised $250,000 to help the wildfire recovery effort in California in Dec. 2018.

"When we saw the devastating effect of these fires, our Thrive community mobilized to make a difference," Bodnar shared in a press release. "We pledged to donate 100 percent of our profits for all products on one day of giving. I'm so proud of the Thrive Tribe for coming together. In 24 hours, we raised $250,000, which will directly support women, animals and communities that are in tremendous need."

If you like clean beauty, high performing products, and giving back, Thrive is a great brand to support.