Tie-Dye Nails Are The Latest Summer Trend & Even Kylie Is Trying It

With summer in full bloom, ensuring your nails are as fluorescent as the season comes with a hint of pressure by having to decide which color to choose — and stick with it. But in 2019, tie-dye nails exist as a thing of the present, inspired by past trends from ‘90s fashion. And before anyone cringes at the idea of tie-dye tips, Kylie Jenner has given the tie-dye nail trend a whirl, and it’s low-key a mood for your next festival look.

If there are anyone’s hands a nail lover could envy, it’s the digits on Kylie Jenner. The makeup maven is no stranger to a full set with glimmering details. And since the nail aficionado got a set of tie-dye colored nails, she’s proving all the more why this trend is alive and ready to flourish.

On June 13, Kylie posted a photo of her new manicure that featured yellow, blue, and pink hues that basically looks like a unicorn watercolor painting. On top of that, the makeup mogul’s nails look like they were coated with a high sheen top coat to basically look like candy.

The colorful full set of nails are brought to Kylie onlookers by celebrity nail artist Chaun P. who’s known for doing a lot of Kylie’s other ombre nail looks.

It's hard to deny that this tie-dye nail trend looks damn near tasty as if it were one of those big swirly lollipops.

Although Kylie is one of many to achieve the tie-dye nail look, there's a goldmine of super talented nail techs on Instagram who have been delivering all sorts of tie-dye nail ideas. From more classic tie-dye designs to ombre ones like Kylie's, nail lovers have a plethora of tie-dye styles to derive inspo from.

Tie-Dye Monochrome Nails

These decked out tips were done by Nails By Mei for Gigi Hadid's 24th birthday. The nail artist uses pink, baby blue, orange, and yellow as the star players in this cute spring look. Plus, the denim background also helps age this look all the way back to the '90s.

Tie-Dye Bejeweled Nails

Cardi B's nail tech Nails On 7th proves time and again that she's truly the queen of bling with this decked out bejeweled version of marble tie-dye nails.

Tie-Dye Glitter Nails

Nails By Mary Soul's tie-dye nails are a dead ringer for any shirt seen in Wayne's World. The nail artist uses blasts of color and even some glitter to achieve this candy cute nail art.

Tie Dye 3-D Nails

These tie-dye nails take the trend to a whole new masterful level. Each one is filled tip to bed in the '90s fashion trend and topped with a colorful 3-D jewel.

Tie-Dye Lettering Nails

For fans who want something a little less flashy and minimalist, these bubble lettered nails form Britney Tokyo are to stan for. Plus, for an added boost of color, fans of this look can layer a color underneath each letter instead of a clear base.

Tie Die French Nails

With any nail trend that's cool for the summer, people always revert to trying it in a French tip design. The art piece is another super cute look from Chaun P. that could prompt anyone to whip out their tie-dye shirts and lava lamps.

Tie-dye may not be for everyone, but thankfully, millennials are bringing back this '90s trend to put some more color back into your summer beauty routine.