Tiffany Trump Wore White To The SOTU & Twitter Is Convinced She Was Sending A Message

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Oftentimes, fashion can make powerful political statements and be an agent of change. We've seen it with celebs wearing all black to the Golden Globes in 2018 to give visibility to and honor the #MeToo movement. Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany Trump wore white to the State of Union address on Tuesday night. It was a chic, crisp long-sleeved top and pencil skirt, complete with a thick, cream-colored belt that gave it a peplum silhouette. Her outfit also beautifully coordinated with her long and wavy blonde hair.

But was Tiffany Trump making a quiet political statement? Was she showing her solidarity with Democrats and fellow women? Or was it simply a stylish outfit for her?

Well, it's all speculative, as Trump's youngest daughter, who is 25 and a law student, has yet to comment on her choice of attire. That didn't stop Twitter from drafting theories — lots and lots of theories, many of which seem right on the money.

PEOPLE noted that many female Democrats wore white to commemorate women's suffrage and the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. The publication also reported that male Democrats wore white ribbons and/or white attire to celebrate the anniversary. Florida Congresswoman Lois Frankel tweeted a pic of politicians wearing "suffragette white."

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The Huffington Post reported that politicos wore white in order to bring attention to the rights many feel are under attack by the Trump administration and the Republican Party, as well. Also, back when Hillary Clinton was campaigning for the presidency and beyond, she often wore white and it was viewed as a symbolic move.

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Taking all of that intel into account, it would appear that Trump's ensemble was not accidental. Twitter, of course, espoused its thoughts about and analysis of Tiffany Trump's outfit. Many felt she was standing with Democrats and offering the ultimate "FU" with her ensemble. Others wondered if it was merely a coincidence.

This user felt her outfit was quite the statement.

This tweet sums up two possible schools of thought. It was either totally intentional or a complete accident.

The Twitterverse certainly paid close attention to all of the details.

We don't know if that was her intent and TBH, it's very likely she won't offer any official comment, either. Therefore, Twitter is left to speculate, hope, and guess that Trump's daughter was revealing her allegiances in plain sight.

It's incredibly easy to see why people are jumping to this conclusion and seeing her outfit as a coded message.

Picking up what she may have been putting down.

She may be or may not be. But if she was indeed making a statement, it was outward and impactful. Get 'em, girl!

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Ultimately, Trump certainly looked lovely. She also stood out, as most of her family members were wearing dark clothing. It's also worth noting that Donald Trump, Jr.'s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle also wore a white wrap dress. Perhaps that was her statement, as well.

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Tiffany Trump may have just made the biggest political statement of her life. She didn't really need to say anything — her outfit seemed to speak at the highest volume without uttering a syllable. Therein lies the most important power of fashion.