Tinder Just Dropped A Candle For Single People — Here’s What It Smells Like

What's the best way to show your independence this Valentine's Day? You can hang out with your closest friends, you can drink all of the fizzy wine in the land, you can ignore it completely — or you can take a classy approach as a young, sophisticated woman loving her single life. Tinder has teamed up with Homesick Candles for a total FU to Valentine's Day culture — the "Single, Not Sorry" candle. You may remember Homesick Candles from their state-by-state options, designed to make you feel every so nostalgic every time you light it up, but this is a slightly different vibe. The candle is arriving just in time for Singles' Awareness Day, which falls on February 15th.

What is Singles' Awareness Day? It's an anti-consumerism, pro-single day — the Valentine's Day antidote, if you will. "In response to the huge push by retailers for us to buy all of their candy, flowers and greeting cards February 15 has been declared Singles' Awareness Day!" their not super-legit website explains. "...The goal of Singles Awareness Day is to let singles have celebrations, get-togethers, etc. and to exchange gifts with their single friends. The awareness day was established by single people who were just sick of feeling left out on Valentine's Day, and support of the day is growing every year." Sounds like a pretty damn good idea to me.

And if you're looking for a way to celebrate, this candle promises some gorgeous packaging and a lot of... smells. "Smells like freedom and fun," the Homesick Candles site explains. "Young, adventurous and very well traveled, forever on a mission to bring people together. Swipe Right! let's make the world a more beautiful place." What do freedom and fun smell like? Well, top notes of eucalyptus, fir needle, and orange; mid-notes of sandalwood, patchouli, clove, and camphor; and base notes of oakmoss, amber, and tonka bean. If you have heard of all of those things, then you are a classier woman than I could ever hope to be.

Although the candle isn't for sale yet, you can click the "notify me when available" button on the webpage and you'll receive an email once the candles are ready to roll. You may want to keep all of that candle goodness for yourself, but it also could make the ideal Galentine's Day present for those lovely ladies in your life. Galentine's Day is a beautiful dream from Parks & Recreation that has become very, very real. Leslie Knope dubbed February 13th Galentine's Day — the day to celebrate all of the amazing women in your life — and it's become something of a real-world phenomenon. If you're looking for a way to show a candle-loving lady in your life that you care, then Tinder and Homesick might have you covered.

Whether you're looking to treat yourself this Valentine's Day or you have a single Galentine who needs a little pampering, this candle reeks of independence and whatever the hell oakmoss smells like. There will be plenty of couples swapping elaborate Valentine's Gift this February, but being single doens't mean you aren't worthy of all of that fun stuff, too. So take yourself to a nice meal, stay in and have a blast, or do something totally zany — just remember, you're single, not sorry.