Tinsel Eyelashes Are A Thing & They Will Pair Flawlessly With Your Ugly Holiday Sweater

With the holidays so close upon us, many people are starting to get into the whole misteltoe-and-tinsel spirit — and are beginning to dress accordingly. Ugly Christmas sweaters are taken out of drawers, velvet suits get pulled out from the backs of closets, sparkly dresses get worn more often than sweatpants, and shimmery makeup becomes the look du jour. But when considering your holiday style, do you ever pay any attention to your lashes? And by that I mean do you glitter-bomb them the same way you do to the rest of your face? If you don't but feel intrigued, then the tinsel eyelash trend just might be for you.

Sure, it's a little weird. But so is that kitschy holiday sweater you have with the kittens and present bows. 'Tis the season to get a little adventurous and wild with your look.

If you want to go extra with your festive look this year, then tinsel lashes not only bring some sparkle to your eye game, but also a pop of color. Regina Talpa is the 22-year-old mastermind behind this makeup experiment, and when peeking at her Instagram, you glean straight away that a simple smokey eye or a slash of metallic liner is so not her thing. Talpa prefers to flex her creative muscles and use her shadows and brushes like art, sporting avant garde shadow designs and bold hues. So it's no surprise that tinsel lashes struck her as a feasible holiday look.

To achieve the look, she attached real tinsel like individual false lashes, adhering them to her real lash line. But she didn't take the kind of tinsel you throw onto a Christmas tree, since it could be too heavy and floppy. Instead, she took a glittery hair tie (like the ones kids are prone to love) and snipped off a few tinsel strands.

So clever! The cool thing with this look is that you can completely change the color scheme depending what kind of tinsel you use. You can go green, pink, or blue, alternating between a kitschy pink look, or an icy blue and green aesthetic. It's such a diverse look, and definitely promises to turn heads at your next holiday party or wild night out before the holiday weekend.

If you want even more inspiration on how to take your holiday look onto a new level this year, Talpa has plenty more ideas. Take a look at some of her most winter-y takes.


Candy-Cane-Like Lashes

Channel a candy cane when you go out this weekend by skipping the usual black mascara and painting your lashes a bright red instead. Don't have red mascara? No problem. Talpa pulled the ingenious move of using her favorite red lipstick — Color Sensational Maybelline — and coating her eyes with it, creating the candy-cane-color. Then swipe your eyes with white or silver shadow, and you're ready for the festivities.


Frosted Lashes

Look like you just walked in from the cold with these frosted-over lashes. They make your eyes look like they caught some ice crystals, giving you a magical, winter-y effect. If you want to recreate this look with your own mascara, the comments underneath the Instagram post recommend using cosmetic grade glitters, since normal craft sparkles can irritate and hurt your eyes.


Ice Queen Eyes

Look like you rule an Arctic kingdom inside an ice castle with this ice-blue look. Taking a baby blue shade, Talpa brushes on the color past the crease of her eye, and then to make it look a little less "mod-60s," she offset it with a soft brown and an iridescent highlighter. The end result is icy but still very modern.

Whether you sport tinsel lashes or take on an ice queen look, you'll look fabulous no matter what you do this winter.