Skyler From ‘Queer Eye’ & His Celeb Idol Are Basically BFFs After The Show


Spoilers ahead for Queer Eye Season 2 Episode 5. In one of the new season's most awe-inspiring moments, YouTube star Todrick Hall makes a Queer Eye cameo to surprise Skyler, one of the show's most memorable heroes. When the Fab Five ask Skyler, the show's first transgender hero, who inspires and motivates him most (and whose closet he covets), the answer always the same person: "Todrick." Hall is an openly gay man who rose to mainstream fame on Season 9 of American Idol, and has been singing, dancing, directing, and performing to entertain and amplify queer voices ever since.

Hall is now a touring artist, YouTuber, RuPaul's Drag Race judge, and Broadway veteran after starring turns in Kinky Boots and Chicago. He also has an Instagram selfie with almost every relevant celebrity at the moment, so it's safe to say that Skyler's star-struck reaction when he opens his front door to find Hall standing there is justified. Meanwhile, on the QE viewing couch, the Fab Five can't wipe the smiles off their faces, knowing they had pulled off the most epic surprise in the show's history. "Now that's how you give a surprise baby!" Karamo says. "We took him off the walls in the posters and brought him in person."

It's true, Skyler's bedroom walls were plastered with Todrick-themed posters, one complete with his scribbled autograph. And his closet was an homage to not only Hall's style, but to the star's most recent tour — he had created a shirt specifically to wear to one of his concerts. So it is pretty surreal for Skyler to sit down in front of his idol in what Skyler calls his new "Toddy-inspired sequence" star-printed jacket.

Courtesy of Netflix

"Do you like this jacket?" Skyler asks, still thrown to be in Hall's presence. "I love the jacket — maybe we can, like, share clothes sometime," Hall answers. Skyler proceeds to show Hall the awesome work the Fab Five did on his house, including his new emerald green bedroom, inspired by Hall's album and musical Straight Outta Oz. That's where they sit down and have a little heart to heart.

"You are so important in my transition," Skyler tells Hall. "In recognizing that I am feminine and I am masculine, and that it's put into this perfect little ball that is me, but it took me a really long time to be OK with that feminine side. And seeing another queer man like you that owned all of it and just was so fabulous ... your performance inspires me, who you are inspires me, and I just can't praise you enough in what you've done for me in my life, I really can't."

The two share some tears, a long hug, and an "I love you," and it's impossible not to be touched. "I feel like it's very very important for you to go and share your story," Hall tells Skyler. "Because you're such a beaming light of hope for people who are just like you."

Since Skyler's Queer Eye episode, it looks like he and Hall have kept in touch. And the former's fandom hasn't faded in the slightest bit. He was recently stationed front-and-center at one of Hall's shows, and they got to reunite and take a picture. "Thank you for inspiring me on the daily, as an entertainer and an activist," Skyler wrote on Instagram. "Having you look down from the stage and make a connection with me and sing to me every single time I come to your shows means the world to me. I respect and admire what you do for our community SO much. Come hell or high water; come lions, tigers, and bears, NOTHING will ever stop me from showing up for you."

The dedication Skyler has to Hall's art and mission is truly admirable. If the term "true fan" were in the dictionary, Skyler's picture would definitely be next to it, because he truly knows how to show up for who he loves. And Hall is showing up for him too.